Complete Guide Of Choosing Hunting Boots

feet in shoes autumn forest hike

feet in shoes autumn forest hike

For a long time hunting boots have been a major part of us. I mean, let’s think about it, if we want to go for hunting in the wilderness we will definitely need a pair of hunting boots. Not only a pair of hunting boots will work, we will need the very best quality hunting boots.

Hunting boot is a must need whenever we are out there hunting wild animals. Because in the wild jungle there are many obstacles in the path which we don’t know about. There are obstacles that can’t be known before we get to that place.

The path will never be easy and therefore we have to take the most important tools with us. There are many things that one should carry with him when he’s going on hunting.

Hunting boots are one of those. That brings us down to one question.

Exactly which boots are defined as “hunting boots”? Exactly what are the most popular hunting boots that’s available to us in the market?

There’s a lot of companies that are currently doing great in the hunting boot industry.

There is BaffinBogsChippewaDannerIrish SetterLaCrosseMuckBootRocky and a whole lot of other companies that have very fine quality hunting boots.

But there are some differences among these companies. Each of these companies’ boots is different from one another.

Not only that there are different designs, there are different characteristics available in the hunting boots of different companies. Rocky boots have a specific kind of design and Danner boots have a design that’s totally different from Rocky boots.

So, we’ll talk about more about these boots and quality. And some more things about this hunting boot companies, but 1st let us got to the core of our discussion.

What is hunting boots and why do we need this in our life while we are out there hunting?

Hunting boot is a very special kind of boot that we use while we are out there hunting. Hunting boots are specially made for hunting purpose and it serves greatly while we go on hunting.

I mean just think about it. There are almost 100 things that can go wrong while we are hunting.

  • If you wear boots that cause too much noise then the prey that you are after can easily go away.
  • If you wear boots that are not very strong then you can easily tear them apart.
  • If you wear boots that are not waterproof then when you get into the water, the water can drench your shoes.

There’s literally tons of things that can go wrong while you are out hunting.

So, it’s very important, I’m saying this one more time, it’s very important that you take every possible measure to minimize all the possible accidents that can occur in the wild jungle.

So, let’s start again, there are some qualities that you should look in hunting boots and I’ll discuss those qualities in details in this article.

1. Hunting boots should be very tough and durable. You have to keep in your mind one thing.

That is you’re going in the jungle. If you don’t have a boot that’s not strong and can hold your leg strongly, then it’s most likely that you’re going to face a lot of problems while hunting.

Just imagine you are running towards your prey and all on a sudden your hunting boots get torn up.

What will be your exact reaction?

One thing I can tell that you won’t be very happy about it. You may want to throw the whole hunting habit away just for this one reason.

2. Waterproof boots are very important for hunting.

As the jungle is a place of mystery and you will find tons of strange things and places out there. So, it’s needless to say that there will be a lot of areas that will have a watery part in it.

If your hunting boots are not waterproof than odds are when you will be running towards your prey two things can happen.

  • You can dive in the pond and continue your journey.
  • You can stop right there and remember that your hunting boots are not waterproof.

In both cases, you are in bad luck because if you stop right there then the prey is already long gone.

Even if you dive in the pond and continue your journey then chances are you will eventually feel uncomfortable about the fact that you have water in your boots. And you can’t concentrate on your prey.

Therefore you are eventually leaving the hunting stuff and probably sitting beside a tree. Sobbing and thinking that you should have bought a waterproof hunting boot. What you can do to overcome this is, you can buy a pair of waterproof hunting boots in the first place. Then you can just go with the flow.

So clearly you have seen that having a pair of waterproof boots will save you in a lot of ways that you can’t even imagine.

3. Hunting boots should be chosen slightly longer. By longer, I meant the boot should come up to your knee.

Now I said this because, if you are hunting snakes then you will need a pair of hunting boots that can cover up till your knee. Because snakes tend to attack in the lower part of the human body and it’s very important to keep the safety of the body.

That’s why having a pair of hunting boots that will cover up to knee area is very important.

4. As hunting is a long time work we never know when the time will come and finally we will have a prey to hunt and go home.

There’s no time limitation. The hunting boots should be comfortable enough to give you a nice time.

You will be wearing the boots for a long time. The last thing you want in your hunting journey is discomfort after wearing your hunting boots for a while.

5. The odor is another thing that you should look deeply in your hunting boots. Odor problem can arise from wearing a boot for a long time.

Some hunting boots have anti-odor system meaning no matter how much sweaty your hunting boot gets the specific hunting boots will terminate the odor and release a soothing smell.

That’s very much important for having an odor free environment.

6. Hunting requires a lot of running in the wild life and maintaining contact with the prey.

So the more comfortable you will be with your hunting materials, the more perfect will be your hunting journey.

I mean you can just imagine that you have a prey in front of you. Your prey won’t going to sit in front of you still. It will eventually try to run away from you. That’s when you have to run behind your prey as well. That’s the most important thing. And while you’re running behind your prey it’s very obvious that you’re going to be in need of good boots to support you all the way.

Otherwise, your prey is just going to leave you and you will be losing the scope of capturing a good prey. That’s why it’s very important to choose a hunting boot that can manage all this works and hustle. At the same time support you all the time as well.

7. We all know that animals have a very sharp mind. They have a mind that can track anything and everything that’s close to them and they can track anything that’s coming towards them.

So while you’re hiding in the bush waiting for your prey you can never know that your prey has already seen you they have been long gone.

That’s why we need something that can hide our identity and at the same time, they can trick the animals thinking that nothing is in their way.

In war, we observe similar context and we often see some costumes made for the soldiers in a way that they can wear them and they can hide their identity through different objects. That’s called camouflage.

They simply wear this camouflage costumes and they easily get mixed with the trees and bushes and what not.

So while they are doing this they are getting two advantages.

  • One is their enemy is not watching them.
  • And the other thing is they are constantly having their enemy under their observation and they can easily track them down.

Then when the time is right they can just attack them without being caught. So this is the same technique we can apply in our hunting journey. We have to apply the camouflage technique by wearing that specific type of costumes.

I know it sounds silly but in the long run, it has huge benefits that you can’t even imagine. So same thing goes to hunting boots as well. The hunting boots have to be such type that they can get mixed with the bushes.

Luckily for us, we have such camouflage hunting boots in our collection and it can easily be found from some renowned company.

8. While hunting there’s no guarantee that the road we will be traveling will be smooth all the time.

  • There will be muddy areas.
  • There will be slippery areas.
  • Some areas will be like this that they are filled with rocks all over.

You just can’t guarantee that you will find a place that will be smooth while you are out hunting. So it’s very important that you get prepared for the road and take necessary measures with you. There are some hunting boots that are amazing and has some edges under them which can easily be run through the rocks and give you traction.

So whether you are climbing a mountain type area or you’re running through the path having small rocks you can use this boots and it will eventually give you comfort.

So choosing a hunting boot that can do these things is very important.

9. Hunting boots you’re using must be of good materials. You can’t just get a pair of random hunting boots. And set off to hunting in the wilderness.

You will soon find that your boots are torn and you’ll be left in the forest with torn boots in your hand cursing the company that you got this boot from.

You certainly don’t want that in your life. Do you?

10. Hunting boots should be tightly held with your leg. It’s very dangerous wearing a pair of hunting boots that doesn’t fit well in your legs.

So, don’t buy a pair of big hunting boots that doesn’t fit you. You may think that it will be good for you but it won’t.

Just imagine you saw a prey and you slowly started moving towards it. While you’re moving towards it, it was standing still. Suddenly it got up and started moving. Now to catch it you decided that you will run towards it and immediately after that you started running.

But the hunting boots you were wearing was loose and as a result, you fell down and the animal got away.

So the thing is you can easily hurt yourself while you’re having a pair of hunting boots that’s loose.

So that’s pretty much some basic stuff that you should definitely look for in a good hunting boot. Choosing a boot that doesn’t have these qualities will definitely cost you big in the long run.

It’s better if you do some research first and get the best deal for you. Having a pair of great hunting boots for yourself is not only a need but also a must if you love hunting.

If you have your family going with you then you should also have hunting boots for them as well. Maybe you’re a father and your wife wants to go with you. So you decided to take her with you. But then your 8-year-old kid started crying because he wants to go too. You decided to take your kid as well.

But should they go to hunting without having hunting boots?

There are some amazing hunting boots that are suitable for women and child. You may also want to check out some boots that are best in a specific area.