Best Hunting Boots For Kids 2020


Hunting can be fun. But we also need to take safety measures with us so that no one gets hurt while hunting. Hunting is great. But there’s something that many people face while they are getting ready to go outside for hunting.

Do you know, what problem is that?

Most people who have children face this problem. And it’s a very common problem.

Can you guess the problem now?

When children see their father/mother getting ready for hunting, they want to go to hunting as well. Adults have the hunting gears with them. But many parents don’t have hunting shoes/boots for their children.

But having a pair of hunting boot for your children is very important if you’re taking your children with you. You should prepare your children properly. But there is a lot of hunting boots for children.

How do we know which ones are best for our children?

Again sweat not. Because I’ll be reviewing three amazing hunting boots which will be great for your kids.

1- MuckBoots Rover II Boot

MuckBoots Rover II Boot

It’s for

  • Toddler
  • Little Kid
  • Big Kid

So this hunting boot is from the company Muck boot.

For those who don’t know, Muck Boot is an amazing company that has produced a lot of great boots for adults. So there’s absolutely no confusion about the reputation of the company.

And when they are bringing a boot for kids it’s obvious that they will maintain the same quality in kids hunting boot as well.

So there are few colors to choose from.

These are;

  • Camo
  • Black
  • Mossy oak break up

So the age can be an issue while choosing the hunting boot for kids.

For instance, children whose age is between 1 – 4 years will have one type of boot and age from 4 – 8 years will have different hunting boots. What I’m trying to say is hunting boot for kids differs from age to age.

So it is very important to know the age of children and choose the hunting boot accordingly.

There is mainly 3 type of ages boot that Muck boot offers.

  • Toddler (Age 1 – 4 years)
  • Little kid (Age 4 – 8 years)
  • Big Kid (Age 8 – 12 years)

So having the age known will make it easy to choose the hunting boots for kids properly.

There are some amazing features that the hunting boot offers as well. Some are;

  • The boot has rubber sole in it.
  • It has breathable pk mesh lining.
  • Rubber toe & heal protector.

The boot has grippy traction and it will give the most comfortable feeling to your kid. No matter where they roam, this boot will protect them. Kids tend to be in muddy areas a lot. By a lot, I mean a lot.

This boot is capable of giving comfortable feeling even after getting drenched in all those mud. Not only hunting, it can be even used as a winter boot. It keeps the feet warm and gives comfort.

Another feature of this boot is it is waterproof. So there’s no need to worry at all if you ever see your kids playing in the watery area.

So overall it’s a nice boot that perfectly suits children.

2-MuckBoots Arctic Sport II Boot

MuckBoots Arctic Sport II Boot

It’s also for

  • Toddler
  • Little Kid
  • Big Kid

There are also some colors to choose from and these are

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Mossy oak infinity

I’ve already discussed the age thing above in previous boot so I think now all you guys are well aware of the importance of age while choosing a boot for kids.

This boot has the same age range like the previous one.  Just to remind you the age one more time here it is,

  • Toddler (Age 1 – 4 years)
  • Little kid (Age 4 – 8 years)
  • Big Kid (Age 8 – 12 years)

Some amazing features of this boot are;

  • It is 100% rubber. You may have seen boots that have partial parts covered with rubber but not with this one. It’s 100% rubber.
  • It is very light weight.
  • It is very much flexible.

As kids are wearing it, we have to keep in mind that the boot can’t be heavy.

Kids tend to run a lot. They are always moving. If they wear a boot that’s heavy then they won’t feel comfort wearing it. Thus they won’t enjoy their time wearing the boot. But as this boot is light, weight is not even a problem.

These boots are waterproof. So whether kids wear this while it’s raining. There will be no problem at all. Kids are kids and they know no bounds. No matter what we say to them they will keep on running here and there.

They will be in the muddy area, they will be in the watery area. We can’t look after them all the time. And with this boot on we don’t even have to.

The boot being 100% waterproof, they can enjoy their time without having any disturbance. These boots are very easy to use.

One more thing is when kids are wearing boots it is very natural that boots will be dirtier than ever. There’s no need to worry about that as well. Because cleaning the boot is very easy, even your kids can do it.

The boots easily keep the feet warm, so it’s needless to say that kids can wear these boots on winter or snowy area as well. Keeping feet protected in every way possible is a must. Kids love these boots and they are amazingly comfortable to wear.

That’s a wrap up for the 2nd hunting boot for kids. Now I’ll dive into the final hunting boot for kids.

So far I’ve reviewed two hunting boots and both of them are from Muck Boot.

3-Northside Tracker JR 400 Waterproof Hiking Boot

Northside Tracker JR 400 Waterproof Hiking Boot

the 3rd one is from a Northside company It’s for

  • Little Kid
  • Big Kid

The boot is quite big and wide. It looks great. The color is

  • brown camo.

One thing about this boot is these boots are only for kids, meaning kids whose age is between 4 – 12 years can wear these boots.

Toddler can’t wear these.

The design is great. If your children are still young meaning age 1 – 4 years then one of the Muck boot which is discussed previously will be the best choice for you.

Amazing features of this boot are;

  • It’s waterproof. So that’s a big worry saying bye bye when the boots are waterproof.
  • No matter what the scenario is these boots serve their very best performance all the time.
  • Muddy, watery, snowy, hunting any time any place this boot is one thing to go.
  • These boots keep feet warm without any problem.

It very much comfortable. Kids love wearing these and have fun on their own. So it’s basically some boot that one can count on.

Kids are always active. They want to explore. They want to see things, they want to touch things.

While we, adults move slowly and take the safest path and keep our boots clean.

Kids are completely opposite. They walk fast. They jump in the water the moment they see it. They jump in the muddy area and play with their friends. They definitely don’t take the safest path. They surely deserver a boot that passes all the criteria and still protects their feet.

These three boots are great for kids. There are also other hunting boots for kids that are available on the market. These boots are also some of the best hunting boots for kids. Not only hunting, they serve a lot in a lot of ways. So these boots are basically multipurpose boots.

So that’s pretty much it about best hunting boots for kids.