How A Snake Boot Saved Me From Deadly Viper


When I visited Central Florida last summer after about five years, I met my grandparents.

It was a delightful trip for me. Before traveling there, I learned about some places of Central Florida. I was excited to visit those places.

I along with my grandfather Mr. Miller, an ex-army personal traveled Kissimmee, Winter Park of Orlando, Wekiwa Springs State Park and some other places.

But a hazardous experience I got in the swamp area of Florida is unforgettable. That area was a plenty of rattlesnakes and cottonmouths.

We were walking in a sawgrass flat next to the Nueces River. Unexpectedly, a cottonmouth stroke me on the left leg.

We were wearing snake boots. Though that was a species of pit viper one of the most venomous snakes, those boots saved me at that incident.

What if I didn’t wear snake boots?  Could I survive?

In the United States, there are four species of venomous snakes. Every year more than 8000 people are bitten by them.

To keep ourselves safe while traveling a habitat of deadly snakes, we must follow some safety rules.

Why wearing snake boots is a primary security option for us?

Let’s know the answers…

What is Snake Boot?

Snake boot is a leather or rubber made boot which protects someone’s lower legs from snake bites. It is extended up to the knees when standard boots are not.

You can check out the most popular snake boots.

As you know, your legs are the first choice of a snake to bite. It consists puncture proof materials which inhibit the intrusion of fangs of a snake.

It ensures maximum snake bite protection when you are walking through a habitat of deadly snakes. Keep in mind, a pair of snake boots is your first friend when you are confronting a king cobra or a cottonmouth snake.

Is it important for me?

In the earth, Antarctica is the only continent where snake doesn’t exist.

If you are an American, the snake news is- about forty-seven out of fifty states are home to venomous snakes. And widely most of the places of the earth are good habitat for snakes.

So you are the one who can answer the question. If there is no threat of snakes in your area, you don’t need to have snake boots.

But if your place is at risk of snake bites or you love hiking or camping outdoors and want safety, you must follow some safety rules.

A pair of snake boots should be your first choice. It makes you an iron legged man to a venomous snake.

Also you should check out other accessories that you can carry with you while you are out hunting.


You can find different companies who make different types of snake boots. They make boots separately for men, women, and children. There are different qualities. But all of them can save you from snake bites.

Most of them are extended up to your knees while some are longer. Boots to use in marshes are made of leather with waterproof technology.

Most of the companies use antimicrobial fiber, which prevents odor creating bacteria. It keeps your feet smell free.

Some of them give camouflage look.

Some boot’s outer parts are made of rubber, which makes it heavier.

Snake Boot for women and kids

Men like bulky and sturdy look boots where women prefer sophisticated and attractive designs.

Some companies make special boots for women which are equally stronger and have finer looks. They have different colors and designs. Some people also use them as fashion accessories.

If you want to spend time hunting with kids, you must ensure your child’s safety. They need more protection than you as they are tender. Their boots cover maximum area of your child’s leg that make themselves more secure. They also maintain similar quality like adults.


A snake boot specially protects you from a snake bite. When you are walking through a pond side, a forest or an abandoned area, you may find these venomous reptiles.

If it is in an aggressive mood, a pair of boots is your only companion which can give your legs the complete safety.

They also give you comfort when you are hiking in wild areas, mountain trails, dusty roads or in a desert. Many hunters use these boots when they are in hunting.

Some of them are water resistant also. They keep your feet dry when you are traveling in a swampy area or marshes.

Which One Should I Buy?

There are various kinds of snake boots in the market. Each of them has unique features.

Some of the company focuses on hunting designs, when another one focuses on weather protection. Before buying snake boots, you must consider the purposes of use. For exploring in swampy areas, you must maintain extra safety.

You should pick the snake boots extended up to the middle of your thighs. They ensure that a snake is not biting you when you are in knee deep water.

For hiking in deserts or mountain trails, there are differently designed boots. They are typically rubbery and heavier than others.

One More Thing

When a snake attacks you, at first it sees your legs. And that is the area where it can strike easily.

A study says that over eighty-five percent of snake attacks eventuate below the knees. This type of incidents can be reduced by just putting on a pair of snake boots.

One out of 400 people dies from snake attacks. Most of them cannot get the proper treatment because of getting late to reach the nearest hospital.

I am alive!

On that day, if I was walking there without wearing boots, I might not have been able to write this article. That day could have been the last day of my life. Those snake boots helped me stay alive.

The person who loves outing or hiking should have a pair of snake boots. One should always be ready to face a snake as nobody knows when the reptile evil is going to stand in front of him.