Chippewa Men’s 23922 17″ Pull-On Snake Boot

BOOT review

Chippewa Snake Boot

There is no worthy thing than protecting your feet from the dangers it can be exposed to when walking including having a healthy foot.

 Chippewa men’s 23922 snake boot

Chippewa Snake Boot provides a solution to the long lasted problem where enough of the boots provided protection for the case in the needed time. The Chippewa men’s 23922 snake boot is big enough to protect your feet from thorns, rocks and other sharp objects in the field.

It is the best boot for going camping, as it is an overall cold weather and waterproof boot.

Whom is this product designed for?

The Chippewa men’s 23922 snake boot is a perfect target for men especially cowboys who do horse riding.

It is also suited to men and women most especially if they participate in heavy outdoor activities that require having appropriate foot wear. The height is targeted for tall persons as it has up to size 17”.

Feature – 1

Supple Leather Vamp with Vipercloth Shaft. The make of The Chippewa men’s 23922 snake boot is leather making it easy to maintain the same of the 1900s.

The class and quality is undoubtedly the best winning the prestigious award in the shoe’s and textile industry at large. The viper cloth provide the soft nature of the material touch made with the warm garments for all weather

Feature – 2

Easy to put on with back zipper. This is an important feature showing the fabulous make of these Chippewa men’s 23922 snake boot.

It is easy to wear it on without straining your feet. Usually the easy on boot are comfortable to wear and durable limiting the wear and tear of putting it on.

It is not comfortable without the zipper which enables you to open the boot up when removing it or intending to clean. The zip helps in airing it out while drying to enable drying completely.

Feature – 3

Velcro flap covers zipper: the flap covers the zip to make it look good without much exposure of the zip that runs from top to bottom. This helps in maintaining its unique beauty and make it complete.

  • The Chippewa men’s 23922 snake boot provides maximum security and protection to the wearer as it is used in various outdoor activities like horse riding, camping in all weather locations and other hard tasks out that not only provide warmth but water proof.
  • As the name suggests about being a snake boot. Yes, you can go hunting in the wildest places without the fear of snake bite or other creature that may be dangerous to your foot.
  • This type of the boot is durable and can be passed from one generation to another. Usually you will consider a boot the will give you service more than any other and this does well with this type of boot. Easy cleaning. The provision of a zip makes it easy to open and clean and also helps in airing and drying. Being of a leather make it is also quick to clean/wipe.
  • The con’s of the Chippewa men’s 23922 snake boot is that it could require you to adapt to its weight, as it is heavier than normal shoes. It also may take long to dry if washed Therefore, would require you to have a substitute boot to serve you better. The cost of purchasing it is higher compared to the other types of boots and shoes.
  • The Chippewa snake boot is one of the long lasting fashions across the globe and they have maintained class of its own. Rarely can you find it in the market because it demand cannot be satisfied.