Best Snow Hiking Boots 2020


Hiking is great fun. Hiking with a bunch of friends can be very entertaining. Hiking is kind of risky adventure. It is great fun but one should have proper equipment with him and go on a journey of hiking.

One of the required hiking equipment is hiking boot.

A very good hiking boot is required to fulfill the journey of hiking. Hiking can be fun when done properly. If you’re hiking with the boots you use in your daily life then trust me you’re going to regret in the long run.

Another thing is much time the hiking can be among snowy area. So it’s very important that we keep on account that the boots we’re wearing are capable of keeping feet warm enough.

So, to reduce the pain I’ve already analyzed the market place and presenting you 3 best snow hiking boots.

For those who don’t know about the company, Timberland is a very well reputed company who brought numerous awesome boots for many years.

1-Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boot

Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boot

So the boot is “Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boot”. There are multiple colors to choose from. These are;

  • Brown
  • Dark brown
  • Wheat

The boot has a very elegant look. One can just fall in love with the boot at 1st sight.
Some amazing features;

  • It’s made of leather.
  • It has a rubber sole in it.
  • It has padded collar.
  • Removable dual-density EVA footbed is available in the boot.
  • This boot is great. It has great design.
  • Who continuously goes on an adventure, does hiking a lot.
  • There’s also breathable footbed so that air can circulate and keep feet dry all the time.
  • You can also climb with this boots on.

Who is on a journey all the time and visits many places. These people can definitely choose this boot over any other.

Hiking boots have qualities that make them different from other boots. Hiking boots should be easy to wear. It should be comfortable. And not only these, some other qualities are also needed.

In hiking, there will be a lot of rocks and obstacles. Boots should be like this that they can overcome all these and also give the most comfortable experience.

There can be muddy places and watery places. For those, we need such boot that can deal with these adverse situations. This Timberland boot is waterproof so there’s no need to worry about water getting into the boot.

Just imagine you’re stepping into watery and muddy areas and still your feet is dry all the time. It will surely make you feel comfortable. That’s exactly what Timberland boot does.

Making customers comfortable so that they can enjoy hiking without any problem. This Timberland boot has B.S.F.P system that will provide amazing traction.

So what does B.S.F.P stand for?
  • Brake
  • Support
  • Flex
  • Propel

In hiking, you may need to consciously speed up or down your movement. For that, there’s a durable rubber that will help you brake and accelerate in your hiking journey.

This boot can be used as snow boots as well. So it’s a multipurpose boot. The boot is quite light as well. So there’s no need to worry about the weight as well. So that’s pretty much everything about Timberland boot.

2-Columbia Women’s Bugaboot Snow Boot

Columbia Women’s Bugaboot Snow Boot

It’s by Columbia and it’s none other than “Columbia Women’s Bugaboot Snow Boot”. So the name says it all. It’s a snow boot for women that can also be used in hiking purpose.

The boot is absolutely gorgeous. It has some colors;

  • Black
  • Siberia blue
  • Winter white

The boot is amazing. The design is extraordinary. So some basic features of the boot are;

  • It’s made of leather.
  • It has rubber sole in it.
  • It has Omni-grip high-traction outsole
  • The boot is waterproof and overall it’s a great boot.

There’s a logo on the outside of the boot. It makes the boot look more appealing.

So one amazing thing I just have to mention is this boot was tested in the Pacific Northwest and the result it got was “Tough”. That’s a solid statement that you can look up to which goes in favor of the boot.

So the boot is made keeping in mind the temperature. It can withstand very cold temperature and keep feet warm for a long time.

Columbia never compromises with the quality of the boot. They make sure that the very best technologies are being used to manufacture the boot.

Not only that they also ensure that the finest quality materials are given into making of any boot. So there’s absolutely no doubt in the quality of their product.

The boot gives good traction if that’s something you’re wondering. Although the boots are not made for hiking you can still use them for hiking. It will give you good ankle support and thus you can enjoy a nice time moving in the snow or maybe hike a little.

3-Merrell Women’s Snowbound Mid Waterproof Winter Boot

Merrell Women’s Snowbound Mid Waterproof Winter Boot

It’s by Merrell and it’s “Merrell Women’s Snowbound Mid Waterproof Winter Boot”.

It has a charcoal color and the design is quite eye catchy.

  • It’s made of leather.
  • It has rubber sole in it.
  • It also has lace-up vamp and pull-on loop at shaft.
  • It’s a great boot to wear in the winter season.

Playing with kids in the snow, throwing snow balls at them and playing with snow balls seems fun. But the fun will be great when it’s not interrupted. And it won’t be interrupted when you will have the boot that will keep your feet dry and warm.

You can use the boots for hiking and it will definitely give you much pleasure. Many people think that any normal boot will do the job of winter boots/snow boots. But that’s really not true.

When you will wear just normal boots and will be walking through snow and your feet will be cold like ice and you will feel the pain of not wearing a snow boot. Having feet perfectly warm during the time of snow walking is very important. If not you may feel uncomfortable and bad.

These Merrell snow boots will give you warmth and keep your feet dry. There’s a hook that you can hold and put your feet on while you’re wearing the boots so that you don’t have to struggle with the boots.

That’s pretty much it about snow hiking boots. Though the boots are mainly snow boots but these boots can be used for hiking also.

So these boots basically serve multi-purpose.