Best Lineman Boots 2020


The boots I’ll be reviewing in this article is two lineman boots.

The lineman boots are slightly different from other boots. Some people also call this boot engineer boot. This boot is taller than all other boots.

Wesco Voltfoe 16″ Brown lineman Boots

Wesco Voltfoe 16″ Brown lineman Boots

So the 1st lineman boot I’ll be talking about is Wesco Voltfoe 16″ Brown lineman Boot.

Some basic features of this boot are;

  • This boot is made of leather. So if you’re searching for a leather lineman boot then this boot should be on your checklist.
  • This boot has Vibram sole in it.
  • The color of this boot is brown.
  • It’s non corrosive.
  • It’s been made keeping in mind that people get the most comfortable feeling wearing it.
  • This boot is a climbing boot and also gives proper safety.
  • people who work in electric pole should wear this boot.
  • This boot will provide proper safety so that no person wearing this boot gets electrified.

So it brings down to a question who are most eligible to wear this boot.

I mean yes pretty much everyone can wear this but there’s a specific type of people that should wear this boot during their job.

So it’s pretty awesome. Wearing this boot and doing the electric work without having any tension in mind.

Wesco lineman boot is not the only choice we have as lineman boot.

Carolina Mens 16″ Domestic Linesman Boot.

Carolina Mens 16″ Domestic Linesman Boot.

The amazing lineman boot comes in black and black oil color. There are some awesome features of this lineman boot.

  • This boot is made of leather.
  • It has rubber sole in it.
  • It offers safety from electrical hazards.

So avoiding unwanted accidents while fixing the cable line or working on an electric pole is the first thing that comes to every electricians mind.

I mean safety should always come first. It’s not worth it doing something with the fear of getting electrocuted or having an electric accident all the time.

So to have preventive measures one should always wear something that will offer safety and protection. And that’s exactly what these lineman boots do.

This lineman boot tends to large a bit. So if you’re planning on having these boots then it’s a must to check the sizes. Not only lineman but everyone can wear this boot. It has a nice design and anyone can wear this boot. There might be some issues with adjusting the boot at first. But with the passage of time, it can be overcome.

So tell us what you think about these 2 lineman boots.