Best Rocky Winter Boots 2020


Winter boots are something that is very useful in our life. If we live in an atmosphere where the temperature is awfully cold then having a pair of winter boot is a must.

We have to go to work. We have to go outside. These times without winter boots it will be completely impossible to blend in with the temperature.

That’s why we definitely need winter boots.

what winter boots serve the quality most?

I mean there is a lot of winter boots out there. In this article I’m going to review 3 winter boots, but they have one thing in common. All these winter boots are Rocky winter boots.

So let’s dive into the best 3 rocky winter boots out there.

1- Rocky Men’s Blizzard Stalker Pro Mobu Hunting Boot

Rocky Men’s Blizzard Stalker Pro Mobu Hunting Boot

From the name of it you can easily guess that it’s a winter boot. And not only that, it’s also a hunting boot. So if you live in the cold area and also love hunting, then this boot will serve you in both ways. We definitely don’t want our feet to freeze when we are out there hunting.

I mean that time we can’t concentrate on our prey, we have to concentrate about keeping our feet warm. That’s a complete distraction. And that’s the last thing we want to face while we are out hunting. So having a winter boot is must. It will keep our feet warm and at the same time make us comfortable. So let’s get back to the rocky winter boot I was talking about.

There are many colors of this boot that you can choose from.

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Mobu
  • Mossy oak

So if one color doesn’t suit you, you can definitely try another color, as there are a lot of colors to choose from.

There are some awesome features of this winter hunting boot. These are;

  • It’s made of leather.
  • It has rubber sole in it.
  • Not only that it has removable mesh PU footbed.

And there’s a another thing that should be mentioned. That is;

  • The boot is waterproof.

It really makes sense. Because when you are constantly walking on the snowy area, it’s pretty much obvious that the snow will turn into water some time. And you have to deal with that also.

So, it’s a must to check whether the winter boot you have is waterproof or not. Because if the boot is not waterproof then you will definitely face a lot of problem. But not with this winter boot, as the boot is clearly waterproof.

The outsole this boot has is multi-directional blizzardstalker. So, again the question arises.

What is multi-directional blizzardstalker?

Well, it’s something that will give your boot,

  • More traction
  • More stability

The boot also has thinsulate Ultra insulation. It’s a great boot to use in the winter.

If you’re living in a cold area and you want to do hunting, fishing, different chores in the snow than this rocky winter boot certainly passes all the criteria and it will definitely give you much comfort that you will rarely find in any other winter boot.

2-Rocky Men’s 9″ Steel Toe Work Boots

Rocky Men’s 9″ Steel Toe Work Boots

This rocky winter boot is made of leather. And the previous rocky boot had a lot of colors to choose from. But unfortunately this rocky winter boot comes in only one color.

  •  brown.

Though it has only one color the boot has amazing design. You can clearly see that in the picture. The boot holds an elegant view and it feels good to look at the boot.

Not only the boot has good looks. It also has;

  • Astm F2413-05 Electrical Hazard Standard

The outsole is has multi-directional blizzard max. It also offers

  • More traction like the previous rocky winter boot
  • More stability like the previous rocky winter boot

This boot is waterproof as well. So there’s nothing to worry about water or walking in a watery place. This winter boot is quite warm and will give you a warm feeling that will be very comfortable. It’s not good wearing a boot that always gives the feel that it is hard or something.

On the other hand having a winter boot that will keep the feet warm and make one comfortable is something that one should look for in a winter boot.

And that’s exactly what this winter boots offer.

  • This rocky boot features a leather and nylon upper.
  • rocky winter boot it also has thinsulate insulation and that too of 1200 grams.
  • The boot has block heel which makes it comfortable.

If you’re wondering about any warranty about the boot then you’re in luck because there’s actually a 6 month waterproof warranty that the company offers.

You may need to maintain the waterproofing of the winter boot by doing some things on your own, which include applying silicon spray. But you need not to worry because that’s literally easy job.

The boot name says a lot about the boot itself, its steel toe. the boot is a work boot.

So whether you have daily chores in the snow or you’re going to work for a long time. This awesome looking boot can be your partner all the time. The boot weight is about 4 pounds. So that’s something you also need to know to check whether you can carry this off or not.

3- Rocky Core Comfort 8″ 800g Insulated Boot

Rocky Core Comfort 8″ 800g Insulated Boot

The winter boot has comfort itself in the name, so I’m guessing it will be pretty awesome boot. So what exactly this specific winter boot offers? You may ask.

  • This boot is also made of leather.
  • This boot is synthetic.
  • It has padded collar and tongue.

So the boot has some colors. Like,

  • Brown
  • Mossy oak infinity
  • Mossy oak break up

As we see you have quite some choices to choose from. And there’s also some things you can notice that the design also changes slightly when the color is different.

So, many people may think that the design will be same and the color will be different, but not with this one. This one has different design with different colors. So that’s another amazing thing about this boot.

  • The boot has 3M™ Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation and that’s of 800 gram.
  • This winter rocky boot is waterproof as well.
  • your feet will remain dry and you will feel comfortable.
  • This boot has removable footbed that will ensure comfort all the time.
  • the weight of the boot. This boot is slightly heavy then the previous boot. The boot weighs 5 pounds.

It has all the qualities that a great winter boot should have.

It qualifies design, comfort, stability and all other things to make your journey enjoyable. That’s pretty much everything that anyone should have while walking in the winter.

So from the reviews of these 3 boots we got to know some basic features that winter boots should have. And all of these contain the features more or less.

Tell us which one is your favorite.