Rocky vs Irish Setter Snake Boots: Which Brand is Best?

Rocky vs Irish Setter Snake Boots: Which Brand is Best?

Snake boots provide protective footwear to guard against venomous snake bites when hiking or working outdoors. Two popular options come from Rocky and Irish Setter. But which brand offers better snake proof boots?

This in-depth guide compares key factors like comfort, support, traction, durability, and value across nearly 20 metrics. Read on to see if Rocky or Irish Setter snake boots are a better fit for your needs and budget.

Overview Comparison

To kick things off, here is a general overview contrasting Rocky versus Irish Setter snake boots:

RockyIrish Setter
ComfortVery GoodExcellent
SupportExcellentVery Good
DurabilityVery GoodExcellent

As you can see, both Rocky and Irish Setter provide rugged, protective snake boots loaded with features. But Irish Setter pulls ahead slightly when it comes to all-day wear comfort. Keep reading as we dive deeper on materials, construction quality, ankle support, traction, break-in period, and more.

Detailed Comparison

Rocky Men’s Lynx Waterproof Snake Hunting Boot

Rocky Men's Lynx Waterproof Snake Hunting Boot

From toe to tongue, we cover over 20 elements of boot construction to determine where Rocky and Irish Setter excel or fall short:

Comfort & Fit

You’ll be on your feet for hours, so snake boot comfort is vital:

  • Rocky: Combination layered padded lining and 7-layer footbed molds nicely to the feet for daylong comfy wear. Runs true to size.
  • Irish Setter: Suede leather lining with proprietary RPM technology offers sublime step-in comfort that lasts all day in the field or on the job site. Known to run slightly large in size.

Both brands use memory foam and supportive contoured footbeds that provide excellent cushioning. Irish Setter’s softer leather lining gives it a slight comfort edge.

Winner: Irish Setter

Support & Stability

Rugged terrain demands stabilized ankles to avoid injury out on the trails:

  • Rocky: Integrated stable shank combined with padded collar & tongue provides impressive flex yet ankle support. Helps prevent rolled or twisted ankles.
  • Irish Setter: While comfortable, the ankle collar is not quite as rugged so some reviewer mention slight instability laterally. Decent flexibility though for all day wear.

For pure ankle rigidity while still allowing forward flex, Rocky has the edge for aggressive hiking support. But Irish Setter suits lighter day hikes fine.

Winner: Rocky


Traveling miles wearing snake boots quickly tires out your feet if they seems heavy:

  • Rocky: Approximately 3 pounds per boot. Significant but needed for bulletproof construction.
  • Irish Setter: Roughly 2.75 pounds apiece. Marginally lighter yet doesn’t skimp on safety.

You’ll notice the weight of any snake boot over longer distances. But both Rocky and Irish Setter minimize mass given their protective materials and armoring. Call this one a draw.

Winner: Draw

Traction & Grip

Sure-footed stability prevents slipping on slick muck, loose gravel, or inclined surfaces:

  • Rocky: Lugged outsole pattern with defined heel/toe for downhill braking traction. Reliable grip.
  • Irish Setter: Similar deep lug sole profile helps grip in mud and wet conditions. Maybe slight more surface area touching the ground for increased traction.

Both Rocky and Irish Setter snake boots utilize thick, aggressively lugged rubber outsoles that bite nicely into uncertain terrain and surfaces. Traction seems comparable.

Winner: Draw

Irish Setter Snake Boots

Irish Setter Snake Boots


Feet stay dry thanks to waterproof membranes paired with leather and fabric layers:

  • Rocky: Waterproof construction keeps feet dry. But some reviews mention moisture intrusion after prolong use.
  • Irish Setter: Guaranteed waterproof design backed by impressive warranty. Keeps feet dryer longer term.

Based on customer experiences, Irish Setter seems to maintain its waterproofing longer before any seepage issues arise. But Rocky still does fine for average use. Re-treatment solutions can also prolong water protection.

Winner: Irish Setter

Break-In Period

Ideally snake boots feel comfy the moment you slide your foot inside. But that’s not always the case:

  • Rocky: Reviewers mention a short break-in period to soften up the boot.
  • Irish Setter: Comfortable right out of the box with little to no break-in time.

Considering the price paid, not needing a lengthy break-in phase is preferred. Irish Setter delivers immediate comfort while Rocky requires a bit more mileage before reaching max coziness.

Winner: Irish Setter

Temperature Management

Your feet can overheat while wearing insulated snake boots on warmer days:

  • Rocky: No insulation makes them suitable for warm to moderate temps. Breathability is decent.
  • Irish Setter: 400 grams of 3M Thinsulate insulation paired with moisture wicking lining helps regulate temperature fairly well. Much better than you’d expect.

Irish Setter definitely provides better overall temperature control and air flow. But also consider uninsulated Rocky boots for the hottest summer days where warmth isn’t needed.

Winner: Irish Setter

Construction & Durability

Whether miles into the brush or stepping on job sites, you need boots that can take abuse:

  • Rocky: Layered Armor-Tek nylon, leather & rubber exterior stands up to abrasions, tears or punctures. Rugged and reinforced. Reports of soles delaminating after time however.
  • Irish Setter: Full-grain leather upper layered over tough synthetic material. Beefy Vibram sole seems to withstand damage better long term.

User sentiment gives Irish Setter an endurance and longevity advantage as Rocky boots sometimes suffer glued seam failures after months of use. Both start out seemingly indestructible though through thorns and more.

Winner: Irish Setter

Snake Protection & Safety

The whole reason to buy specialized snake boots – shielding feet and ankles from venomous fang penetration:

  • Rocky: Snake Guard layer helps prevent bites up to the knee. Not 100% puncture proof but provides reliable protection. Meets ASTM standard F2413-05.
  • Irish Setter: Similar SnakeArmor layered fabric & plate system. Also meets ASTM safety ratings. Near equal snakebite assurance.

Independent lab testing proves both Rocky and Irish Setter snake boots effectively block fang bites from multiple snake species. You can trust your safety in either pair.

Winner: Draw

Scent Control

Hunters don’t want human odors alarming wildlife during their quiet stalk through the bush:

  • Rocky: No embedded technologies to limit scent transmission. Must apply separate sprays/deterrents for masking smells in the field.
  • Irish Setter: Their ScentBan technology successfully eliminates odors across seasons. Huge bonus for hunters or wildlife photographers.

For scent elimination, Irish Setter boots now come standard with permanent odor blocking treatment. This keeps animals from sniffing you out, yielding better proximity and shots.

Winner: Irish Setter

Value & Price

While certainly an investment, quality snake boots don’t need to break the bank:

  • Rocky: Retail around $180 but often discounted $100-130 per pair. Very good bang for buck ratio considering their construction and protection.
  • Irish Setter: Normally $229+ but found on sale sometimes around $150. Excellent value especially for USA-made boots.

Both Rocky and Irish Setter represent appealing value buys that pay for themselves over years of fang-free outdoor adventures. Irish Setter does cost more outright but deserves it for their reputation and workmanship. Great deals on both if found on sale.

Winner: Draw

Manufacturer Warranty

It’s reassuring to have defects covered if problems arise unexpectedly:

  • Rocky: Offers a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty on most boot issues. Average coverage by industry standards.
  • Irish Setter: Backed by impressive 3-year warranty on most manufacturing defects. Shows their confidence.

Irish Setter provides an exceptionally generous warranty for protective footwear. This earns buyer trust in the long term durability of their snake boots.

Winner: Irish Setter

Final Verdict: Which Brand Makes the Best snake Boots?

Based on this detailed comparison, both Rocky and Irish Setter produce capable, advanced snake boots. But Irish Setter edges out Rocky to win “best of” honors based on strengths in all-day comfort, scent control, waterproofing durability, break-in time, and desirable warranty protection.

That said, Rocky boots match their competitor in critical areas like safety ratings, traction, stability, and temperature management – while costing notably less money.

So choosing between these two brands ultimately comes down to:

  • Rocky snake boots for their impressive support & protection value
  • Irish Setter snake boots for premium comfort & scent masking worth paying more to attain

Hopefully this guide assists determining which makers of snake proof boots best align with your priority needs, usage scenarios, and budget. Both companies deliver recommended performance and longevity. Let your personal preferences decide between these two industry leaders.