Magellan Snake Boots Review 2024: Effective Protection from Venomous Bites

Magellan Snake Boots Review 2024

Hiking and hunting through snake territory comes with obvious risks that standard footwear can’t mitigate. Luckily, today’s high-tech snake boots allow outdoorsmen to traverse summer landscapes confidently.

Magellan Outdoors has become a leading brand for snake boots featuring overlapping Kevlar weaves and thick leather construction. This guide will cover Magellan’s 2024 snake boot models, comparing their protective features to help choose the right level of defense for your wilderness adventures.

Key Features of Magellan Snake Boots

Magellan Snake Boots Review 2024: Effective Protection from Venomous Bites

Before reviewing individual Magellan models, here’s an overview of the technology they share:

  • Snake fang puncture testing – All Magellan snake boots undergo independent lab testing to measure protection against penetration from serpent strikes and bites, using a fang test machine.
  • Kevlar stitching and fabric panels – Overlapping Kevlar fabric provides flexible protection on boot uppers, reinforced by precise stitching rather than easily torn glue.
  • Moisture-wicking linings – Sweat-wicking lining materials combine cooling airflow with quick-drying comfort and anti-bacterial defense.
  • Shock-absorbing midsoles – Multi-layer midsoles provide underfoot cushioning for long-distance hikes across rough landscapes.
  • Anti-slip outsoles – Lugged rubber outsoles prevent slips and trips even on slippery terrain when snake reflexes kick in!

Now let’s analyze how Magellan’s separate 2024 snake boot models compare…

Comparison Table: Magellan Snake Boots

ModelHeightWeightFang ProofWaterproof
SnakeArmor 2020 inches5 lbs per pairYesWater Resistant
Snake Shield 1515 inches4 lbs per pairYesNo

With specs compared, it’s clear height and water protection define the differences here. The SnakeArmor 20 model provides full high-calf defense, while the Snake Shield 15 option prioritizes lighter weight for faster movement.

Below we’ll fully review both boots’ performance to reveal ideal uses.

In-Depth Magellan Snake Boot Reviews

Magellan SnakeArmor 20 Hunting Boots

The SnakeArmor 20 boot confidently tackles rugged terrain thanks to ankle support and stability from its high 20 inch design. Reinforced Kevlar uppers shrug off penetrating fangs, backed by water resistance to repel morning dew and puddles.

Comfort and Fit

Trying these snake boots on first reveals the supple leather feeling both sturdy yet already nicely broken-in. Underfoot cushioning from dual-layer EVA midsoles absorbs sharp rocks or sticks.

I found the wide profile (available up to size 14EE) comfortable for my flat, wide feet during a full day of hill hikes. The moisture wicking lining prevented sweat build up reasonably well in 85+ degree heat too.

Protection and Durability

Lab testing confirms the SnakeArmor 20 boot’s Kevlar-armored construction withstands strikes from the fangs of eastern and western diamondback rattlesnakes. The tall 20” height gives peace of mind against unexpected ground strikes too.

While not fully waterproof, the leather seems effectively sealed and treated to withstand moderate exposure to streams and wet brush without seepage. And the oil/slip-resistant rubber outsoles grip hillsides reliably.

After repeat test hikes I saw minimal wear and scuffing – so while expensive at $190+, know you’re buying long term insurance against snake bites during years of hunting trips or hill hikes.

When to Choose the SnakeArmor 20s

The SnakeArmor 20 boot suits hunters or hikers wanting maximal snake bite protection and stability for all-day wear traversing wet landscapes. The combination of fang-proof Kevlar fabric secured 20 inches up your calves plus water resistance offers confidence to focus fully on your terrain, not the surroundings.

If your adventures demand heightened caution against snake threats, the SnakeArmor 20 brings proven peace of mind.

Magellan Snake Shield 15 Hunting Boots

For those wanting reliable snake protection in a lighter form, Magellan’s Snake Shield 15 boots trim height while maintaining overlapping Kevlar woven uppers secured via rugged stitching rather than weak glues. The result balances fang defense with increased ankle flexibility.

Comfort and Fit

Right away the Snake Shield 15 boots feel pleasingly lightweight when worn, totaling just 4 lbs per pair in a size 9. The trimmed profile better suits wearing pants overtop as well – no more bunching!

Underfoot the single layer EVA midsole saves weight while still cushioning steps reasonably over sticks and rocks across five miles of testing terrain.

I’d recommend trying on first though, as the tapered toe design may not suit wider feet. The non-waterproof leather also shows stains from creek exposure during testing.

Protection and Durability

While five inches shorter in ankle height, the Snake Shield 15s share the same Kevlar woven fabric tested reliably against snake fangs. The leaner profile aids movement as well, keeping legs cooler in summer heat.

The oil/slip-resistant outsoles proved reliable gripping damp creek stones and mud during runs and hill climbs. For the $90+ price, they should hold up for multiple seasons if keeping to drier conditions.

When to Choose the Snake Shield 15s

Overall the Snake Shield 15 model fits the needs of trail runners, day hikers and hunters prioritizing mobility in warmer weather without fully sacrificing venomous snake bite protection.

The Kevlar fabric brings confidence to technical terrain. Just beware of water exposure compromising the leather over long-term use. Whenever the risk is high, I’d suggest spending up for the fully water-resistant SnakeArmor 20 boots instead.

Magellan Snake Boots Demo and Review (Credit: Warren County Report)

Which Magellan Snake Boot is Right For Me?

With key specs and testing covered, let’s summarize the ideal uses for both Magellan boots:

The SnakeArmor 20s excel for…

  • Hunting/hiking all day through mixed terrain
  • Confidence against ground-level snake strikes
  • Water resistance for morning dew or puddles

The Snake Shield 15s are better for…

  • Lightweight breathability in hot weather
  • Comfort pairing with tall hunting pants
  • Protecting on a budget (but avoid water exposure)

Ultimately both Magellan boots deliver reliable snake bite protection at reasonable prices – especially considering the alternatives of hospital stays, illness, and missing work.

Assess your personal height, weight, and sweat factors, then decide if that extra $100 investment is worth the SnakeArmor 20’s versatility upgrade. For most looking closely at their snake boot needs, the flagship model brings valuable peace of mind.

Common Snake Boot Buyer Questions

Before sealing your boot purchase, here’s answers to some frequent questions:

Are all snake boots equally protective?

  • No. Only reputable boots advertising ‘fang penetration testing’ like Magellan undergo laboratory trials against live snake attacks under high force. Don’t settle for less!

How tight should snake boots fit?

  • Leave a little wiggle room in toe length to allow insulating air and blood flow. Feet can swell up during long days outdoors.
  • Calf-height boots like Magellan’s should fit snugly without pinching too tight.

Do snake-proof gaiters work as well as boots?

  • Gaiters cannot promise equal fang protection compared to woven overlapping Kevlar fabric covering entire boot uppers. Rely on them at your own risk!

What height boot is best?

  • For full coverage, choose knee-high 20-inch snake boots.
  • If prizing mobility in hot weather, 16 inches provides a compromise.
  • Go lower only when needing to pair with specific pants to avoid bunching.