Danner Sharptail Snake Boots Review: The Ultimate Guide for 2024

Danner Sharptail Snake Boots Review

Snake boots are a must for hunters, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts venturing into snake territory. With venomous snakes like rattlesnakes found across much of the United States, having reliable snake protection is crucial.

Danner has long been a top brand for premium hunting boots, and their Sharptail snake boots are designed to provide maximum safety, comfort, and performance in the snake country.

In this comprehensive Danner Sharptail snake boots review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about these popular boots, including:

  • Overview of Danner as a brand
  • Danner Sharptail’s key features and technologies
  • Detailed look at materials and construction
  • Sizing and fit
  • Break-in period and comfort
  • Traction and stability
  • Waterproofing
  • Breathability
  • Protection level against snakes
  • Care and maintenance
  • Average weight
  • Available styles, colors, and camo patterns
  • Price and value
  • Customer reviews and ratings
  • How Danner Sharptails compare to competitors
  • FAQs about Danner Sharptail boots

By the end of this review, you’ll know whether the Danner Sharptail is the right snake boot for your needs and how to get the perfect fit and performance if you decide to purchase a pair.

Overview of the Danner Brand

Danner Sharptail Snake Boots

Founded in 1932, Danner has been crafting premium outdoor footwear for nearly a century. Based in Portland, Oregon, Danner combines old-world craftsmanship with modern technologies to create durable boots ideal for hunting, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Danner boots are renowned for their:

  • High-Quality Materials – Only premium leathers and fabrics are used. Many boots still stitched by hand.
  • Comfort & Support – Designed to provide cushioning, stability and fatigue reduction even on long treks.
  • Durability – Built to last through years of hard use in rough conditions.
  • Excellent Traction – Vibram® or Danner® outsoles grip well on loose/slippery terrain.
  • Waterproof Protection – Danner boots utilize GORE-TEX® liners to keep feet dry.
  • Snake Protection – Select Danner boots that have snake guard fabric and structure.
  • Made in the USA – Small batch, hand-crafted construction supports local jobs.

Within their extensive boot lineup, Danner offers several snake boot models. The Sharptail family provides versatile, lightweight snake protection suitable for hunters and hikers.

Overview of the Danner Sharptail Snake Boot

Danner Sharptail Snake Boots
UseHiking, hunting, outdoors
ColorsBrown, Realtree Edge, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country
UpperFull-grain leather & 1000D nylon
PlatformTerra Force
Snake ProtectionDanner Snake Guard technology
Weight47.2 oz per boot
OutsoleVibram® Kletterlift

The Sharptail line features Danner’s lightweight, flexible Snake Guard construction to block fangs and protect against snakebites. Abrasion-resistant leather and textile uppers, supportive midsoles, stabilized heels, and a snake-proof liner come together to create a protective yet comfortable boot.

With the Sharptail, you get Danner’s signature quality paired with proven snake-fighting technology. Let’s look more closely at the materials and construction.

Danner Sharptail Materials and Construction


The uppers on the Danner Sharptail boots utilize a combination of full-grain, abrasion-resistant leather, and durable, lightweight 1000D nylon textile.

Full-grain leather ranks as one of the toughest, most durable leather types. It withstands scrapes, scratches, and moisture while remaining soft and flexible.

The nylon textile panels reduce weight while increasing breathability. The blend of leather and textile provides ventilation where you need it while retaining protection.

Snake Guard Construction

Danner’s Snake Guard structure uses layers of protective fabric sealed between the upper and lining. This creates an impenetrable barrier to block fangs.

The key benefit of Snake Guard is flexibility. Danner snake boots move and flex with your foot for all-day comfort versus stiff, overly bulky snake guards.

GORE-TEX® Waterproof Liner

Danner Sharptails feature a 100% waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX® liner. This proprietary membrane prevents exterior moisture from reaching your foot while allowing vapor from sweat to escape.

GORE-TEX® liners are also bite-proof, providing a secondary layer of snake fang protection. Your feet stay cool, dry and comfortable even in hot, humid weather.

Vibram® Kletterlift Outsole

The Vibram® Kletterlift outsole equips the Sharptail with excellent grip and traction.

Vibram is a renowned Italian brand that pioneered performance rubber compounds for footwear. Their lug tread patterns grab surfaces like a climbing shoe.

Deep lugs give the Kletterlift outsole superior traction and braking on loose, uneven terrain. The rubber also withstands abrasion, resisting wear and tear during off-trail hikes over rough ground.

OrthoLite® Impressions Footbed

Inside the boot, an OrthoLite® Impressions footbed provides long-lasting cushioning and high breathability.

OrthoLite® footbeds utilize open-cell foam that doesn’t compact over time. This maintains underfoot comfort even after years of break-in.

The OrthoLite® Impressions adds support and helps wick moisture to control odor and bacteria inside the boots.

Terra Force Platform

Beneath the footbed, Danner’s Terra Force platform stabilizes the midsole and provides torsional rigidity. This structure improves balance on uneven ground while reducing foot fatigue.

The platform also allows the outsole to better flex with the foot’s natural movement. Overall, the platform enhances comfort and agility during active use.

Fiberglass Shank

A rigid fiberglass shank runs through the arch section adding midfoot support. The shank prevents overflexing to relieve strain on your arches.

Many hikers and hunters find the fiberglass shank reduces arch and foot pain during long days on the trail. The rigidity also improves stability when carrying heavy packs.

Stitchdown Construction

Danner Sharptails feature a stitchdown construction often found in mountaineering boots. With stitchdown, the upper is stitched directly to the midsole rather than glued.

This creates a highly stable, durable bond. Stitchdown boots don’t pull apart or delaminate like many glued boots. The construction also makes resoling straightforward when the outsoles eventually wear down.

Danner Sharptail Snake Boot Sizing, Fit & Comfort

Danner Sharptail Snake Boot Sizing, Fit & Comfort

The fit and comfort of a snake boot plays a huge role in its performance and protection. An ill-fitting boot quickly leads to pain and fatigue.

Here’s a detailed look at how Danner Sharptails fit, along with tips for finding your perfect size:

Finding Your Size

Danner recommends trying boots on late in the day when your feet are slightly swollen to match how they’ll fit during activity.

Wear your typical hiking or hunting socks to get a true feel for the fit. Be sure to have a thumb’s width between your longest toe and the inside tip of the boot.

If ordering online, trace your foot on paper and measure the drawing to determine your length. Refer to Danner’s sizing chart to find your corresponding size. Or print their printable fitting tool to gauge your size.

Order a half-size down if you fall between sizes. Danner boots stretch during break-in. You want a snug fit out of the box.

Danner offers Sharptails in full sizes 7 – 15. They fit true to size for most feet. Sizing accommodates both standard and wide widths.

Break-In Period

Expect a break-in period of 10-20 hours of active wear for Danner Sharptail boots to fully flex and form to your feet.

Wear them for short walks before attempting long hikes to gradually stretch and soften the leather. Use Danner’s Boot Oil or conditioner to ease the break-in process.

Once broken in, the full-grain leather upper, suede collar, and OrthoLite® footbed mold perfectly to your foot shape for a custom fit.

Cushioning & Support

The Sharptail’s chunky midsole and OrthoLite® Impressions footbed supply excellent underfoot cushioning. Your feet stay comfortable and supported even after long miles.


At 47.2 ounces per boot, the Sharptails weigh significantly less than many snake boots. Danner cut weight using textile fabric and a lightweight Terra Force platform.

The boots feel nimble and agile underfoot, unlike heavy rubber boots. The moderate weight improves comfort for long distances.

Ankle Support & Heel Lock

The Sharptail’s 16-inch height provides ample ankle coverage and protection against snake bites.

Danner’s Saddle tech stabilizes the heel when laced up. This pulls the foot securely back into the boot for a locked-in feel. Less heel lift means fewer blisters.

A padded suede collar cushions the ankle while blocking debris entry. Wearers report very good ankle and heel security on rough, angled terrain.

Temperature Regulation

For hot weather use, the nylon textile sections enhance breathability and ventilation. Air circulates through the upper to keep feet cooler.

The GORE-TEX® liner also wicks moisture away from your foot for dry comfort without overheating.

In cold weather, pair the Sharptails with thick wool socks to retain warmth. The boots’ insulation and waterproofing prevent heat loss through the leather and seams.

Danner Sharptail Snake Boot Performance

Beyond comfort and fit, optimal performance and protection maximize the Sharptail’s versatility as a snake boot suitable for hunting, hiking, ranch work, and other activities.

Flexibility & Mobility

The Terra Force platform and stitchdown construction give the Sharptail excellent flexion. The boot moves naturally with the foot for unrestricted mobility.

Laterally stability comes from the midsole and shank. Medial/lateral flex allows normal foot rollover when bending.

You can crouch, climb, balance and scramble without feeling rigid or inflexible. The flexibility also prevents ankle rolls.

Traction & Grip

The Vibram® Kletterlift outsole is the Sharptail’s traction highlight. Deep, aggressively angled lugs maintain grip across mud, loose dirt, wet terrain and rocky inclines.

Braking and downhill control benefit from the large lugs’ grip and leverage. Wearers report the Vibram® rubber also resists slick algae and moss buildup.

The boots provide traction rivaling a high-end hiking or mountaineering boot. You can move confidently on rough backcountry trails.


Between the full-grain leather upper and GORE-TEX® liner, the Sharptail boots keep your feet dry in wet, swampy environments.

Even when hiking through dewy grass and foliage, water beads up and runs off the leather exterior. GORE-TEX® backing prevents seepage through the seams or fabric panels.

Standing in creeks and marshy ground, your feet stay warm and dry inside the boots. The waterproofing holds up well over years of use.

Ventilation & Breathability

Ventilation ranks as the Sharptail’s only moderate weakness due to the waterproof GORE-TEX® membrane. But the textile panels and anti-microbial OrthoLite® footbed control moisture buildup during hot hikes.

For very warm conditions, use lightweight hiking socks to promote airflow. The GORE-TEX® liner still wicks vapor to the exterior while blocking liquid moisture ingress.

All in all, breathability meets expectations for a fully waterproof leather and GORE-TEX® hiker. Adequate airflow prevents soggy feet or overheating in most environments.

Snake Protection

The Sharptail’s Snake Guard flexible armor provides complete bite protection from fangs and spurs up to 16 inches high.

Both the layered fabric and sealed GORE-TEX® liner prevent snake venom injection through the materials. So you can step confidently in rattlesnake territory.

For marshy areas with dense grass or brush, choose the uninsulated non-camo Sharptail. The higher 17″ model adds protection against bites above the ankle.

Care & Maintenance of Danner Sharptail Boots

To extend the life of your Sharptails while retaining comfort, protection and waterproofing, follow these care and maintenance tips:

  • Clean after use – Brush off dirt and mud then wipe clean using a damp cloth. Let boots dry completely before storing.
  • Treat regularly – Apply Danner Boot Oil or conditioning cream every 1-2 months to nourish and soften the leather.
  • Dry thoroughly – Always let boots dry fully, with laces loosened, before your next use to prevent moisture damage.
  • Check laces – Frequently inspect laces for fraying or breakage. Replace worn laces to maintain secure fit.
  • Replace footbeds – Plan on new OrthoLite® footbeds every 1-2 years for fresh cushioning and moisture control.
  • Watch wear – Check outsoles regularly for excessive tread wear or damage. Resole before the tread pattern degrades significantly.
  • Store properly – Keep boots clean, dry and stored away from direct heat or sunlight when not in use to prevent premature breakdown of materials.

With consistent TLC, your Sharptails should provide many seasons of reliable performance. The full-grain leather and Vibram® outsoles were built for the long haul.

Weight of Danner Sharptail Boots

On average, each men’s Danner Sharptail boot weighs:

  • 47.2 ounces – A moderate weight for a leather hunting/hiking boot with snake protection. Significantly lighter than rubber rancher boots.

The Sharptail’s blend of leather, textile and Terra Force platform keeps weight down versus all-leather boots with thick midsoles.

Women’s Sharptail boots weigh slightly less at 42 ounces per boot on average.

For comparison, here’s how the Sharptail stacks up against other popular snake boots:

  • Irish Setter Vaprtrek: 44 oz.
  • Lacrosse Venom Scent: 56 oz.
  • MuckBoots Pursuit: 84 oz.
  • Rocky ProLight: 48 oz.

The Sharptail hits a nice balance of protective structure without excessive bulk on your feet.

Sharptail Styles, Colors & Camo Patterns

Danner offers the Sharptail boot in both neutral and camouflage color options:

Solid Brown

  • Brown – A versatile, stylish brown leather and textile exterior. Pairs with any casual or hunting attire.

Camouflage Patterns

  • Realtree Edge – Blends into habitats with sage, grass and conifers. Good for plains and foothills.
  • Mossy Oak Break-Up Country – Ideal for deciduous terrains with oak, maple and aspen. Breaks up outline.

Both camo patterns use a brown leather base for concealment in the brush. The neutral brown Sharptail matches if you hunt mixed habitats.

For men, all colors come in the regular sharptail model. Women have fewer camo options, with the Break-Up Country pattern available.

No insulation or weatherproofing differences exist across the colors. Choose based purely on your taste and how the patterns match your hunting grounds.

Danner Sharptail Prices

Danner Sharptail snake boots retail at:

  • Men’s Model – $380
  • Women’s Model – $370

This positions the Sharptail as a premium snake boot but lower than many competing offerings.

You pay extra for Danner’s signature quality leather, USA construction, and brand reputation. But the boots still provide strong value at this moderate price point among snake protective footwear.

Here’s how Sharptail pricing compares:

  • Irish Setter Vaprtrek: $250
  • Lacrosse Venom Scent: $160
  • MuckBoots Pursuit: $220
  • Rocky ProLight: $150

Consider sizing up half a size if between sizes to allow room for a second insole or footbed replacement down the road. This can extend the boot’s lifespan.

For colder weather traction, add a pair of Krampons ice cleats. The cleats fit all boots and run under $20.

Customer Reviews of Danner Sharptail Boots

Across retailers, the Danner Sharptail scores very high reviews and ratings for its performance and comfort:

  • Danner.com: 4.7 out of 5 stars (92 reviews)
  • Rei.com: 4.3 out of 5 stars (21 reviews)
  • Amazon: 4.5 out of 5 stars (125 reviews)

Positive feedback focuses on the boots’ light weight, flexibility, and sure-footed grip. The Snake Guard construction earns consistent praise for unnoticeable fang protection that doesn’t hinder movement or cause overheating.

Most owners report a comfortable break-in period with zero issues sizing the boots accurately. They find the Sharptails require minimal care and conditioning to maintain the leather and waterproofing.