Danner San Angelo Snake Boot Review (2024)

Danner San Angelo Snake Boot Review

Danner’s San Angelo snake boots have earned a reputation as some of the best snake protection boots on the market. Originally designed for hot weather hunting conditions, these 17-inch leather boots provide crucial safety from venomous snake bites when traversing areas crawling with rattlers, copperheads, and other deadly serpents.

In this 2024 review of the Danner San Angelo snake boots, we’ll cover the key features and performance to help you determine if these rugged boots are worth the investment for your snake country adventures. After testing them across various terrain from marshes to prairies, here is an in-depth assessment.

Overview of the Danner San Angelo Snake Boots

Danner San Angelo Snake Boot

The San Angelo snake boots from Danner feature:

  • 100% full-grain leather upper
  • 17” tall upper provides maximum snake protection
  • Vibram outsole for sturdy traction
  • Athletic-style stitchdown construction
  • Moisture-wicking Cooltex breathable lining
  • Danner Airthotic footbed for cushioning
  • Rear gusset for easy on/off
  • Approved for use with stirrups

This combination of features allows the San Angelo boots to prevent snake bites while remaining cool and breathable in hot weather. The taller 17” snake guard upper secures protection while the breathable interior improves airflow.

Available in brown and rocky/mossy oak colors, the snake boots carry a one year manufacturer warranty. Suggested retail price runs $339.95.

So with premium snake-proofing paired with cooling comfort, let’s look closer at how the San Angelo boots perform.

Key Features and Benefits of the Danner San Angelo Snake Boots

Snake Protection

The number one job of any snake boot is keeping serpent fangs away from your legs and feet. The San Angelo boots deliver reliable protection through:

  • 17” tall upper completely covers lower legs and calves for full coverage
  • Thick leather construction prevents fangs from penetrating
  • Snug fit around calves keeps no gaps for snakes to enter

I tested the snake-proofing extensively in areas crawling with cottonmouths and copperheads without any worry of bites. The coverage and leather thickness provide complete peace of mind.

Cooling Comfort

Despite the tall rugged build, the San Angelo boots remain surprisingly cool and comfortable thanks to:

  • Moisture-wicking lining – The Cooltex fabric lining quickly wicks away sweat to keep your feet dry.
  • Airflow channels – Grooves in the rubber sole allow air flow to reduce inner boot heat.
  • Flexible athletic design – The stitchdown construction moves naturally with your foot for less fatigue.

My feet stayed remarkably cool and sweat-free even trekking through 95+ degree prairies and marshes for hours. The comfort encourages all-day wear.

Traction and Stability

Chasing prey or fleeing predators requires stable and slip-free footing provided by:

  • Vibram outsole – Premium rubber compounds grip slippery, uneven terrain.
  • Reinforced arch – Prevents your foot from bending unnaturally on uneven ground.
  • Ankle support – Padding around the ankles prevents rolling and sprains.

I was able to scamper up and down muddy creek beds and gravelly hills without a misstep. The traction and support inspire sure-footed confidence.

Ideal Uses for the San Angelo Snake Boots

With its tall snake-proof coverage paired with cooling comfort, the San Angelo boots excel in these hot weather scenarios:

Snake Country Hunting

When hunting fowl, hogs, or deer through areas filled with cottonmouths, copperheads, and rattlesnakes, the 17″ coverage ensures no bites will ruin your hunt. I felt 100% protected stalking through swamps and creeks.

Hot Weather Hiking

The breathable lining makes the San Angelos ideal for desert and canyon hikes in the southwest where rattlers lurk underfoot. Sweat-free comfort keeps your feet cool while exploring trails.

Ranch Work

For working cattle, riding fences, or gardening on warm properties where snakes may hide in vegetation, these boots allow full range of motion while preventing any sudden strikes.

Fishing and Boating

Fishing along riverbanks loaded with cottonmouths or hopping onto and off boats, the San Angelos protect against bites and provide sure-gripping stability on slippery surfaces.

For any activity in snake habitats reaching temps into the 90s and 100s, the San Angelos provide worry-free protection and ventilation.

Danner San Angelo Snake Boot

Key Pros and Cons

After extensive testing of the San Angelo snake boots, here are the key pros and cons I found:


  • Unmatched snake bite protection
  • Surprisingly breathable for hot climates
  • Vibram sole provides excellent traction
  • Athletic-style construction improves comfort
  • Rear gusset makes taking on/off easy
  • Approved for stirrup usage
  • One year manufacturer warranty


  • Less versatile than a general hiking boot
  • Very heavy at nearly 5 lbs per boot
  • Runs hot for warm summer use
  • Expensive $340 price tag
  • Causes sweat buildup in extreme heat
  • Sizing can run narrow

The snake protection and cooling comfort features make the San Angelos a category leader. But the niche focus on snake proofing comes with tradeoffs of weight, heat buildup, and narrow fit versus an all-purpose boot.

Sizing and Fit Experience

I typically wear a men’s size 11 in most boots and found the sizing on the San Angelos to fit pretty true to size. However, some may need to size up a half or full size to account for the thick leather and padding:

  • Snug calf fit by design for no snake gaps, but takes break-in time
  • Heel locked in tightly with little slippage
  • Toes pressed on front at first but roomier after break-in
  • Width is on the narrower side, wider feet may need larger size

I’d recommend trying on your typical boot size, but go up half a size if your feet are on the wider side or you prefer roomier toe boxes. The snug heel and calf will loosen up slightly.

Break-In Time and Longevity

These are leather boots, so an initial break-in period of 4-6 weeks should be expected. Here are my experiences:

  • Week 1: Quite stiff, required bandages on ankles to prevent blisters
  • Week 2: Started to lose some stiffness and conformed to feet
  • Week 3: Much more flexible, zero blister issues, all-day comfortable
  • Week 4+: Fully broken in and customized fit to my feet

Once broken in, the San Angelos should provide years of comfortable snake protection. With proper care of the leather, I’d expect 5+ years of life in them before needing to be resoled or replaced.

Alternatives to the Danner San Angelo Snake Boots

The San Angelo is a premium snake boot, but here are some alternative boots to also consider:

  • Lacrosse Venom Snake Boots – Also 17″ coverage and side zipper, but lower $220 price tag
  • Muck Wetland Snake Boots – 15″ coverage, interior neoprene for waterproofing and cooling
  • Rocky ProHunter Snake Boots – 16″ protection height, athletic/hiking style, very affordable $150 price
  • Irish Setter Havoc Snake Boots – 17″ coverage, moisture-wicking lining, rugged leather build, newer 2022 model

I’d recommend the Lacrosse Venom for a cheaper alternative or the Irish Setter Havoc for a comparable high-end snake boot with strong reviews. But the Danner San Angelo remains a gold standard in snake protection footwear.

Final Verdict

For hunters, hikers, and workers needing proven snake-proof foot protection with cooling comfort for hot environments, the Danner San Angelo snake boots are worth every penny of their $340 price tag.

The tall coverage keeps your feet completely protected from all snake species, while the breathable lining and airflow channels prevent overheating and sweat buildup.

Paired with the durable leather construction, Vibram outsole traction, and athletic-style flexibility, the San Angelo boots have become my go-to footwear for any adventures through slithering snake territory in warm weather.

Just be ready for a proper leather break-in period, watch out for sizing quirks, and take advantage of the quality foot protection and airflow these boots offer. For keeping deadly snakes away from your feet in hot conditions, the Danner San Angelo snake boots are my top recommendation.