Chippewa Men’s 23913 17″ Pull-On Snake Boot

Chippewa Boots

Chippewa Boots

A man and his wife were out trekking in the dessert area of Phoenix, Arizona when they came across a rattle snake. Thankfully, they were okay during the incident.

But they knew that for the future, a pair of snake boots was a good investment for both of them in order not to take such a close chance of harm again.

Chippewa Men'snake Boot

When you are out trekking in the wilderness, if you encounter a rattle snake or some other kind of snake, you want to make sure that your feet are protected.

Well, these fine Chippewa boots will be sure to do the job just fine for you. This article will now go on to explain some of the great features of these truly high quality snake boots.

Whom Is This Product Designed For?

This amazing product is designed for the active guy who, though he may have a tough and rugged manliness about him, knows enough not to risk his safety and realizes the need for a good pair of snake boots to protect his feet out in dangerous snake country areas.

Feature One : Multi-functional Footwear

These boots are designed for the protection of feet against snake attacks in the wilderness.

But they can be used for wearing out in the yard doing chores as well.

And they can be worn by those who like the look of them, who would like to also wear them casually once in a while as regular footwear even when going to visit folks or out to town. The boots certainly are stylish.

Feature Two : Real Performance

These boots are going to let you get many miles of trekking on them.

They are comfortable and will conform to your feet well.

They are durable and will last for a long time, so you know that you really do get your money’s worth when you purchase these fine chippewa boots.

Feature Three : Quality Made

These Chippewa snake boots indeed do provide you with high quality because of the superior grade natural leather that is used in the construction of the base foot of the boot and along the leg shaft.

Also, there is the inclusion of tough viper proof cloth that will prevent any snake fangs from being able to penetrate the boots or your legs.

  • These boots are so durable with the inclusion of treaded Vibram outsoles that will allow you to surely do much trekking for all the activities that you enjoy out in the great wilderness.
  • These boots are made to take on the challenges of any snakes that may be lurking nearby because of the tough leather and the viper proof cloth that will not allow any snakes to be able to bite you at all.
  • Some claim that these Chippewa snake boots do not provide any ankle support when walking on uneven terrain out in fields.
  • Some claim that sometimes the leather is not properly cut and that the boots can cut into the heels rather harshly.