Bogs Men’s Classic High Winter Snow Boot

Bogs Men’s Classic High Winter


The name says it all. It’s another awesome boot of Bogs. It’s designed mainly for snowy areas. Bogs Men’s Classic high winter snow boot is really an amazing boot.

The color of this boot is black. It’s made of rubber / neoprene. This boot will provide a nice classy look whenever you’re wearing this outside. This boot is waterproof.

Bogs Men’s Classic

Product Description:

If you want to know the boots of Bogs, You have to know a little bit more about the company Bogs.

You see Bogs started making boots for farmers from the very first moment. They made such boots that can withheld any type of condition that’s thrown at them. So after those boots were a huge success they made each of every product of them keeping the same mindset.

That’s how Bogs boots are so durable and tough all the time.

This Product Is Designed For:

This boots are for everyone. From young people to grown up. People who work hard to people who often go to work.

Important Feature 1:

Bogs Men’s Classic High Winter Snow Boots are 100% waterproof. So you have nothing to worry about water.

Important Feature 2:

Bogs Men’s Classic High Winter Snow Boots have neo-tech in it. So what that means is it has four way stretch inner bootie for providing insulation and comfort.

Important Feature 3:

It has Duraflesh technology in it. It’s very much capable of fighting unwanted odor. We definitely don’t want unwanted odor carrying all the way.


  • Temperature is not a problem anymore. Bogs Men’s Classic High Winter Snow Boot can handle up to -40 / -50 degree Fahrenheit. And in that temperature it will provide you warmth.
  • Maybe you want to clean the backyard of your house where you have a lot of trash. Some areas are muddy, some areas are filled with stones. You can easily go there wearing this boot as it’s extremely handy.
  • The boots have a very fine hard sole under it. So it can cover any type of work. No matter how tough the work is, these boots can definitely pull that off.
  • A lot of boots get torn when it comes in the contact of stones. But not this one, it will smoothly protect you from all the stones.
  • If you’re living in a wet area and looking for an awesome boot to cover your feet up then this is the boot you want to take.
  • It will never disappoint you in the water.
  • No matter what you need to do. No matter where you need to go, these boots are so awesome that it will guide you all the way.
  • The best thing about Bogs is it’s been made keeping in mind that it should survive under the toughest condition ever. Thanks to all those farmers for whom Bogs started their journey.
  • If it wasn’t for them, we would never get such awesome boots ever.


  • The boots tends to be small. Meaning if you are a size 10 you should probably order a size 11.
  • The boots are a little bit slippery on concrete. So you may want to watch yourself.


So let’s summarize everything, shall we? This boot will give you warmth, protection, odor free experience, comfortable wearing, ultra durable, tough in all condition.

This is definitely a great pair of boots.

You can gift your close relatives this pair of boots as they won’t be anything but happy wearing this. But make sure you know their size and get a larger one, because it tends to fit your feet and become 1 size smaller. It’s a great gift to put on a nice smile on someone’s face.