Bogs Men’s Bowman Waterproof Hunting Boot

Bogs Men’s Bowman Waterproof Hunting Boot


Bogs boots are amazing when it comes to hunting boots.

Bogs Men’s Bowman waterproof hunting boot has a nice camouflage look that will help your feet getting totally mixed with the forest. So while you’re hunting, there will be less chance that your target is going to see your feet and get away from you.

Bogs Men’s Bowman

Product Description:

It has rubber sole in it which makes it great.

There are mainly 3 colors available for this model. These are mossy oak, real tree, green. You can choose from this 3 colors.

This Product Is Designed For:

This hunting boot is available for both man and woman.

If you’re planning to go on hunting with your family then you can have these boots for everyone in your family. It definitely makes the hunting enjoyable.

Important Feature 1:

This boot is completely waterproof. Meaning no more worry about watery area at all. You can now just grab this pair of boots and jump in the water.

This boot has two hollow space in the upper part of the boot, you can grab those while putting your feet in the boots

Important Feature 2:

This hunting boot has some great quality that will literally blow you away.

It has 6mm neoprene insulation that makes it different from most of the boots in the market.

It has max-wick moisture wicking lining.

Important Feature 3:

It has “Scent Combat biotechnology” so that it can prevent the disgusting body odor that’s been haunting you all this time.

Many of us face odor problems but while choosing our hunting boots we don’t give much emphasis on this problem.

As we have to wear this hunting boot for a long time, unwanted odor is the last thing we want to have.

But with this boot that’s not even a problem. Thanks to Scent Combat biotechnology this boot has.


  • You may have insulation in other hunting boots in the market but you won’t have the insulation this boot has to offer.
  • So this is pretty much a great hunting boot.
  • As it’s quite long it will protect your legs very delicately.
  • Snakes mainly attack in the legs and they attack it because this is the part of the body that they are close to. So while you’re wearing this hunting boot it will give you complete protection against snakes. Also protection from other deadly animals will be assured as well.
  • Many people wear more than one socks thinking that this will keep their feet warm. But really that’s not necessary.
  • Just wear a set of good socks with this hunting boots and you’re good to go.
  • This hunting boot will fit great. You won’t have any problem putting them on your feet. So all the bad times you have, all the troubles you have gone through while wearing all bad quality hunting boots, that time is gone now.
  • Now you can just sit back and relax and wear this hunting boot by Bogs and continue your journey in hunting.
  • You don’t need to worry about water and mud if you’re wearing Bogs hunting boots.
  • It will save you from every obstacles that you’ve been worried about all these days and it will make your hunting journey enjoyable.


It is not a cons but you do want to check whether you’re having your size boots or not. They do tend to enlarge a bit so also take that into considerations while you’re out ordering these.


Moreover it’s a great hunting boot to try on. Whether hunting / traveling, water / mud, heavy work / light work this boots will always be by your side. This is definitely another great pair of boots Bogs.