LaCrosse Men’s Venom Scent APG HD Snake Boot Review


LaCrosse Venom Scent Snake Boot

Some folks are quite choosy about the kind of snake proof boots that they purchase and wear on their feet. And that is good and fine. Each person has a right to what they prefer and we are sure that the LaCrosse Men’s Venom Snake Boot is going to be a real asset of a purchase for those with lofty expectations and high demands for their snake boots that they decide on.

Lacrosse Men's Venom

These finely crafted Lacrosse men’s snake boots show that quality is a real must, show that they are easy to break in and show that they have so many great features that are presented for your consideration here in this article.

Feature One : Flexible Snake Guard Protection

These boots offer you flexible snake guard protection all around.

The boots move with you, so that you can get away from snakes.

The materials are durable and tough, so that snakes cannot penetrate the boots or your feet and legs, which is really what you want in a good pair of snake boots.

Yes, the safety of your feet and legs against snake bite attacks is very crucial when you are out trekking in the wilderness.

Feature Two : Easy To Break In

There are some people who are very picky about their boots and they do not want it to take forever to break in the boots without the boots not being comfortable on their feet at all. And that all makes sense.

So these snake proof boots really do have you in mind as they are very easy to break in and are comfortable, seeming almost like a great tennis shoe on your feet when you are out trekking about for maximum comfort during usage.

Feature Three : Durable

These great snake boots have been used by Marines, have been used by hunters in Texas where there are many snakes, have been used by hunters in Oklahoma where snakes are in great supply, have been used by those who do route management for oil companies where they must walk in snake infested areas, and have even been used by those on duty in Afghanistan.

These boots have been put through much trekking and do prove that they can stand up to mostly anything because of their solid construction and good rubber soles.

  • These snake proof boots are so comfortable and allow you to be able to trek in the wilderness for hours and hours, which you are sure to enjoy doing in these boots that provide good support and safety to your feet at all times, along with keeping them very dry when you are in damp areas.
  • These boots are tough and can handle any terrain, all the way from Texas even to overseas rugged and dusty Afghanistan.
  • Some claim that after only a few times of wearing these boots, the rubber soles start to come detached from the boots in some areas.
  • Some say that these boots were not convenient for them, because they leaked and did not live up to their claim of being waterproof.