Irish Setter Men’s 2863 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8″ Hunting Boot Review

Irish Setter Men’s 2863 Vaprtrek


It’s not unknown to us about the quality of boots that Irish Setter provides. So in this section we’ll discuss about a new boot which is by Irish Setter and it’s called Irish Setter Men’s 2863 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8″ Hunting Boot.

The name says it all. It’s a hunting boot. Not only a hunting boot, it’s a pretty decent one.

Irish Setter Men's 2863 Vaprtrek Waterproof

Product Description:

It has rubber sole in it. It’s quite comfortable to wear. It’s not heavy either.

We can see a lot of time that people are having problem with their hunting boots being too heavy. Well, it’s not a problem here. Because it doesn’t weigh that much.

This Product Is designed For:

This boot is designed for anyone who likes hiking, hunting and all sort of adventurous works.

Important Feature 1:

Suppose you are going in the wild to hunt some animals. We all know that animals have a very good sense of smelling. They can smell your existence from the very moment you step into their area.

So if your hunting boot delivers a bad smell then it will be definitely a thing to worry about.

Well we have good news for you. This Irish Setter hunting boot has ScentBan technology that will help eliminating the odor from the boot so that no animal can get away from you smelling the odor. Isn’t that great?

Important Feature 2:

This boot is fully waterproof.  So one can easily jump into any watery place without any hesitation. Because it will be as comfortable as it was before.

Important Feature 3:

The thing with hunting is one has to travel a lot while he’s in the jungle and also need to go through some wild places.

If the hunting boot turns up to be a heavy one than it’s very difficult to pull it off the whole time. Not only it causes suffering but also makes one tired.

So the lighter the hunting boot the better it is. And Irish Setter has always kept an eye on this sector.


  • This has RPM technology that deals with making the boot less heavy. It’s mainly a composite material that helps reducing the weight of the boot & making it very comfortable to wear.
  • This boot also has ultra-dry feature that deals with making the boot wearable when it’s in water.
  • When you’re going in the jungle there won’t be land always.
  • There will be muddy area. There will be watery area. There will be hill and tracks.
  • This boot is great when it comes to watery place and other challenging places.
  • It’s a very good hunting boot to use in hills and risky areas as well.
  • Thanks to Ultra- dry feature it becomes dry very fast making it very comfortable to wear.
  • If you want to hike or want to run in the wilderness this boot is perfect for you. This boot fits perfect.
  • If you’re looking to have a boot which will serve you for several years than this boot will satisfy you.
  • If you wear it nicely it will easily serve a good couple of years.
  • If you live in a snowy area where you have to deal with snow for a certain time then this boot will also do the trick. It will keep your feet dry and you will feel a gentle breeze in your feet. How cool is that?


  • So, sometimes the lace you’ll have with boots may not satisfy you. You may want a longer lace then you already got with the boot. In that case you can just buy a longer lace and you now have a solution to that problem.
  • You may want to check what size of feet you have and you should order that size of boots.
  • In that way you won’t face the hassle of having a smaller boot.


Irish Setter is a brand that is very much famous for having all the awesome hunting boots out there. And this boot is not an exceptional either.

This is a boot that will be comfortable even if it’s worn for a long time. Suppose you’re going in a long journey where you have to walk a lot. Well you will be in luck if you have this pair of boots with you. This will definitely keep your feet comfortable all the time and you won’t be facing any problems either.

As it also carries the glory of Irish Setter brand, having full domination in hunting.