Bogs Men’s Classic High Winter Snow Boot Review


The name says it all. It’s another awesome boot of Bogs. It’s designed mainly for snowy areas.

Bogs Men’s Classic high winter snow boot is really an amazing boot.

The color of this boot is black. It’s made of rubber / neoprene. This boot will provide a nice classy look whenever you’re wearing this outside. This boot is waterproof.

Bogs winter 1

Product Description:

If you want to know the boots of Bogs, You have to know a little bit more about the company Bogs.

You see Bogs started making boots for farmers from the very first moment. They made such boots that can withheld any type of condition that’s thrown at them. So after those boots were a huge success they made each of every product of them keeping the same mindset.

That’s how Bogs boots are so durable and tough all the time.


This Product Is Designed For:

This boots are for everyone. From young people to grown up. People who work hard to people who often go to work.


Important Feature 1:

Bogs Men’s Classic High Winter Snow Boots are 100% waterproof. So you have nothing to worry about water.


Important Feature 2:

Bogs Men’s Classic High Winter Snow Boots have neo-tech in it. So what that means is it has four way stretch inner bootie for providing insulation and comfort.


Important Feature 3:

It has Duraflesh technology in it. It’s very much capable of fighting unwanted odor. We definitely don’t want unwanted odor carrying all the way.

Bogs winter 2


Temperature is not a problem anymore. Bogs Men’s Classic High Winter Snow Boot can handle up to -40 / -50 degree Fahrenheit. And in that temperature it will provide you warmth.

Maybe you want to clean the backyard of your house where you have a lot of trash. Some areas are muddy, some areas are filled with stones. You can easily go there wearing this boot as it’s extremely handy.

The boots have a very fine hard sole under it. So it can cover any type of work. No matter how tough the work is, these boots can definitely pull that off.

A lot of boots get torn when it comes in the contact of stones. But not this one, it will smoothly protect you from all the stones.

If you’re living in a wet area and looking for an awesome boot to cover your feet up then this is the boot you want to take.

It will never disappoint you in the water.

No matter what you need to do. No matter where you need to go, these boots are so awesome that it will guide you all the way.

The best thing about Bogs is it’s been made keeping in mind that it should survive under the toughest condition ever. Thanks to all those farmers for whom Bogs started their journey. If it wasn’t for them, we would never get such awesome boots ever.



The boots tends to be small. Meaning if you are a size 10 you should probably order a size 11.

The boots are a little bit slippery on concrete. So you may want to watch yourself.



So let’s summarize everything, shall we? This boot will give you warmth, protection, odor free experience, comfortable wearing, ultra durable, tough in all condition.

This is definitely a great pair of boots.

You can gift your close relatives this pair of boots as they won’t be anything but happy wearing this.

But make sure you know their size and get a larger one, because it tends to fit your feet and become 1 size smaller. It’s a great gift to put on a nice smile on someones face.

Bogs Men’s Bowman Waterproof Hunting Boot Review


Bogs boots are amazing when it comes to hunting boots.

Bogs Men’s Bowman waterproof hunting boot has a nice camouflage look that will help your feet getting totally mixed with the forest. So while you’re hunting, there will be less chance that your target is going to see your feet and get away from you.

Bogs Bowman 1


Product Description:

It has rubber sole in it which makes it great.

There are mainly 3 colors available for this model. These are mossy oak, real tree, green. You can choose from this 3 colors.


This Product Is Designed For:

This hunting boot is available for both man and woman.

If you’re planning to go on hunting with your family then you can have these boots for everyone in your family. It definitely makes the hunting enjoyable.


Important Feature 1:

This boot is completely waterproof. Meaning no more worry about watery area at all. You can now just grab this pair of boots and jump in the water.

This boot has two hollow space in the upper part of the boot, you can grab those while putting your feet in the boots.

Bogs Bowman 2

Important Feature 2:

This hunting boot has some great quality that will literally blow you away.

It has 6mm neoprene insulation that makes it different from most of the boots in the market.

It has max-wick moisture wicking lining.


Important Feature 3:

It has “Scent Combat biotechnology” so that it can prevent the disgusting body odor that’s been haunting you all this time.

Many of us face odor problems but while choosing our hunting boots we don’t give much emphasis on this problem.

As we have to wear this hunting boot for a long time, unwanted odor is the last thing we want to have.

But with this boot that’s not even a problem. Thanks to Scent Combat biotechnology this boot has.



You may have insulation in other hunting boots in the market but you won’t have the insulation this boot has to offer.

So this is pretty much a great hunting boot.

As it’s quite long it will protect your legs very delicately. Snakes mainly attack in the legs and they attack it because this is the part of the body that they are close to. So while you’re wearing this hunting boot it will give you complete protection against snakes. Also protection from other deadly animals will be assured as well.

Many people wear more than one socks thinking that this will keep their feet warm. But really that’s not necessary. Just wear a set of good socks with this hunting boots and you’re good to go.

This hunting boot will fit great. You won’t have any problem putting them on your feet. So all the bad times you have, all the troubles you have gone through while wearing all bad quality hunting boots, that time is gone now. Now you can just sit back and relax and wear this hunting boot by Bogs and continue your journey in hunting.

You don’t need to worry about water and mud if you’re wearing Bogs hunting boots. It will save you from every obstacles that you’ve been worried about all these days and it will make your hunting journey enjoyable.

Bogs Bowman 3



It is not a cons but you do want to check whether you’re having your size boots or not. They do tend to enlarge a bit so also take that into considerations while you’re out ordering these.



Moreover it’s a great hunting boot to try on. Whether hunting / traveling, water / mud, heavy work / light work this boots will always be by your side. This is definitely another great pair of boots Bogs.

Baffin Men’s Hunter Waterproof Boot Review


Peoples been using hunting boots all the time. And some of the most popular boots like Muck boots, Irish Setter boots, Danner boots are dominating the market.

But still there are some amazing hunting boots that are becoming famous day by day. And one of that example is Baffin Men’s Hunter Waterproof Boot. It’s really amazing how great this boot is.

Baffin 1

Product Description:

The color is pure black. Its deep black color gives it a heavy look.

The outside is very smooth. It has its logo on it saying Baffin Technology on the upper part of the boot.

The outside is smooth but the lower part has some fine block design that will help walking smoothly in the forest. So that’s really amazing.

The product dimension is 12 X 8 X 4 inch.

This hunting boot is only 2 pound.

The boot is made of rubber. It has a rubber sole in it.

It’s a very well made hunting boot.


This Product Is Designed For:

The boots are made for people who want to go hunting, wandering in the wilderness. It will be a nice fit for people living in the cold countries as well.

Don’t mistake thinking that this boots are only for hunting purposes. This boots work great in rain as well.

If you are living in an area where there’s a lot of rain then you can use them as well.

This boots work great in rainy season as it’s completely waterproof.

Baffin 2

Now what people really want to see any good boot?

Do we have any idea?

They want the boot to be waterproof, tough, great at the same time.

And guess what, that’s what Baffin hunting boot is providing you.

So let’s dig in to some more amazing facts about this Baffin hunting boots.

Important Feature 1:

Baffin hunting boot is suitable for all kind of workout. There are boots in the market which are only appropriate for heavy work.

There are boots in the market which are only appropriate only for light work. And there’s also that type of boot which is only appropriate for only medium type of work.

Now you are in luck because Baffin hunting boot serves all types of workout and activities.

Important Feature 2:

This hunting boot is very flexible. No matter how exotic tour you go you can take this hunting boots with you and you can just relax. Having no tension about your hunting boot at all.

This hunting boot is made in Canada. And it has also kept in mind the temperature problem if you are wondering. It can withheld up to -40 degree Fahrenheit.

So temperature is no longer a problem if you live in a cold area.

Important Feature 3:

This is a good boot to do crazy things under 0 degrees. This boots will keep your feet warm as long as you wear them.

You can gift your close ones this boots also. It does work in a charming way. Shows you care and also keep in mind about their protection. What can be more classy then that.

Baffin 3



It’s a boot that you can wear in the muddy places as well. As you’ve already noticed in the picture this boots have a smooth surface so all you need to do after using them in the muddy places is rinse the mud off with a clean towel and you’re boot is good to go.

Many people often have trouble wearing their boots on and off. But you won’t face that problem with this nice pair of boots.



The only problem with this boot is if you order the exact size of your feet you may wind up in getting a bigger size then you anticipated.

So the suggestion here is order 1 size – 1 & ½ size less than your original Size. Then you are good to go.

If you’re a size 10 I will recommend you take size 9 as in this is the size that will fit you, no kidding.



This hunting boot is great. Having a nice black pair of shoes in your feet will definitely bring a classy look that you definitely don’t want to miss.

Irish Setter Men’s 2863 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8″ Hunting Boot Review


It’s not unknown to us about the quality of boots that Irish Setter provides. So in this section we’ll discuss about a new boot which is by Irish Setter and it’s called Irish Setter Men’s 2863 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8″ Hunting Boot.

The name says it all. It’s a hunting boot. Not only a hunting boot, it’s a pretty decent one.

Product Description:

It has rubber sole in it. It’s quite comfortable to wear. It’s not heavy either.

We can see a lot of time that people are having problem with their hunting boots being too heavy. Well, it’s not a problem here. Because it doesn’t weigh that much.

Irish Setter 2863 (3)

This Product Is designed For:

This boot is designed for anyone who likes hiking, hunting and all sort of adventurous works.

Important Feature 1:

Suppose you are going in the wild to hunt some animals. We all know that animals have a very good sense of smelling. They can smell your existence from the very moment you step into their area.

So if your hunting boot delivers a bad smell then it will be definitely a thing to worry about.

Well we have good news for you. This Irish Setter hunting boot has ScentBan technology that will help eliminating the odor from the boot so that no animal can get away from you smelling the odor.

Isn’t that great?

Irish Setter 2863 (1)

Important Feature 2:

This boot is fully waterproof.  So one can easily jump into any watery place without any hesitation. Because it will be as comfortable as it was before.

Important Feature 3:

The thing with hunting is one has to travel a lot while he’s in the jungle and also need to go through some wild places.

If the hunting boot turns up to be a heavy one than it’s very difficult to pull it off the whole time. Not only it causes suffering but also makes one tired.

So the lighter the hunting boot the better it is. And Irish Setter has always kept an eye on this sector.


This has RPM technology that deals with making the boot less heavy. It’s mainly a composite material that helps reducing the weight of the boot & making it very comfortable to wear.

This boot also has ultra-dry feature that deals with making the boot wearable when it’s in water.

When you’re going in the jungle there won’t be land always.

There will be muddy area. There will be watery area. There will be hill and tracks.

This boot is great when it comes to watery place and other challenging places.

It’s a very good hunting boot to use in hills and risky areas as well.

Thanks to Ultra- dry feature it becomes dry very fast making it very comfortable to wear.

If you want to hike or want to run in the wilderness this boot is perfect for you. This boot fits perfect.

If you’re looking to have a boot which will serve you for several years than this boot will satisfy you.

If you wear it nicely it will easily serve a good couple of years.

If you live in a snowy area where you have to deal with snow for a certain time then this boot will also do the trick. It will keep your feet dry and you will feel a gentle breeze in your feet.

How cool is that?

Irish Setter 2863 (2)


So, sometimes the lace you’ll have with boots may not satisfy you. You may want a longer lace then you already got with the boot. In that case you can just buy a longer lace and you now have a solution to that problem.

You may want to check what size of feet you have and you should order that size of boots.

In that way you won’t face the hassle of having a smaller boot.


Irish Setter is a brand that is very much famous for having all the awesome hunting boots out there. And this boot is not an exceptional either.

This is a boot that will be comfortable even if it’s worn for a long time. Suppose you’re going in a long journey where you have to walk a lot. Well you will be in luck if you have this pair of boots with you. This will definitely keep your feet comfortable all the time and you won’t be facing any problems either.

As it also carries the glory of Irish Setter brand, having full domination in hunting.

Bogs Men’s Classic High Camo Winter Snow Boot Review


We have heard of different hunting boots like Irish Setter, LaCrosse, Muck, Danner boots etc. But there are some more amazing hunting boots that lots of us maybe don’t have any idea about. One of them is Bogs Men’s Classic High Camo Winter Snow Boot.

Bogs Hunting Boot 1

So what are we waiting for? Let’s check out some of the coolest things about this Bogs hunting boot.

Product Description:

It’s made of rubber. It has a fine design on it which is very appealing.

This boots are extremely comfortable. If someone is having difficulty with hunting boots and is unable to figure out what will work best for him / her, this boot definitely deserves a shot.

This boot is made with combination layer in it. One portion has tough material and the other portion has soft material. With this combo it’s very easy to have a comfortable experience.

Whom It Is Designed For:

If you’re someone who’s living in a cold area then this boot will be a perfect fit for you. Because the name says it all. From snow shoveling to any deed that is done in snow will not be a problem anymore.


Bogs boot is very durable. So, if you have any question regarding durability you can just let it go.

No matter what the weather is, Bogs hunting boot works fine in every climate and condition.

If you’re thinking about the weight of the boot then you can give yourself some rest as this boots are extremely light weighed.

If you want your special one to have a nice pair of hunting boots, then you can gift them this boot. It will definitely lighten up their day. From birthday to Christmas, any occasion can be used to gift these fine hunting boots.

Bogs Hunting Boot 2


Maybe you’re living in a quite cold area, this boot will serve you the best. If you’re panicking about whether this boot will crack or not. You can let that thought go as well.

Of course you do need to check the sizes of your boot before purchasing. Not everyone has the same foot size so it is very obvious that some people will face trouble while putting it on. But if you have the correct size Bogs hunting boot then it won’t be a problem.

It’s an amazing boot. With these boots on, you don’t need to put on thick socks because this nice hunting boot will keep your legs warm all the time. You can just put on a thin sock and let the boot do the work.


This boots may feel a little tight to you when you’re first wearing them but as time will pass by, It will be very comfortable to wear.

This is a great pair of boots, it’s advised to order one size bigger than someone’s actual size. If the weather is too cold than it’s recommended to put on a thick socks just in case.


This boot is very comfortable. Imagine you struggling with your current hunting boot, wouldn’t it be nice if you had a comfortable boot to cheer you up? Well, that’s exactly Bogs hunting boot does.

Irish Setter Men’s 2870 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8 Inch Boot Review


Irish Setter Men’s 2870 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8 Inch Boot is a fine hunting boot. The color is realtree color and you can have a nice camouflage look wearing this boots. This boot will definitely be on top of the list of best hunting boots out there.

Irish Setter 1.1

Product Description:

Someone who wants to use the boots on a daily basis this boot is a perfect fit for him. It’s extremely comfortable to wear.

It has rubber sole in it and it’s not too heavy either. It has a fine logo on it. The color really does have an effect of camouflage so it mixes well with the jungle itself.

Whom It Is Designed For:

This boot is designed for day to day use. Anyone who has a passion for hiking and hunting can wear this boot.  You like to walk in the morning, no problem. You want to go on a hike, or maybe hunting, also no problem.

This boot is stylish and fashionable that matches with any outfit anytime. It’s also a great fit for the army / military person, because come on camouflage look is already in the boots. But do know your shoe size if you ever decide to purchase one.


From the looks of this boot you can tell yourself that it’s a light boot. It’s a waterproof boot in case you’re wondering what will happen when you step on water. This boots have been tested in water and they have performed great. It’s a great wear.

You can go to hiking, hunting with these boots on without any hesitation. This boot is great for a day out in the jungle for father son as well. This boot can be used in the work place as well if your job is in the field.

Like if you are a civil engineer or someone who spends a lot of time in the field this boot can be a great wear. Not only your co-workers will appreciate the looks of the boot but also will envy you for having such an awesome boot that’s for sure.

Irish Setter 1.2


It’s designed to undergo extremely rough uses.

No matter how hard anyone treats this boot, it’s going to take it all and give the person the most comfortable outcome possible.

This boot will give extensive high support on steep, hills, high areas.

Not only this boot is great but also so much comfortable to wear that no matter how many hours you wear it you won’t get any foot pain.

This boot is very good looking and stylish.

It doesn’t give any blisters, any harm to feet.


Some people found it hard to wear but it’s definitely not a major downside. It might be a tight fit if you purchase it without knowing your shoe size. So if you don’t know your shoe size then find it now and then you won’t have any problem.


This boot is extremely good looking and designed to deal with rough use. To go on an adventure, hiking, fishing, hunting this boot is great.

LaCrosse Men’s Adder Scent 18″ HD Snake Boot Review

Lacrosse snake boots

Its made of pure leather. The soul is completely man made. This boot is made in a way that it can easily fit in a wide foot.

This boot is an amazing choice if one has to spend a valid amount of time in the forest. In the back it has straps that clinches it tightly together.

Its very easy to put on and off. Though its a man boots, but it can be a gorgeous fit to the woman as well.

Its a very well made boot. People who worry a lot having a large calve they can relax a little bit because this boot has a diameter about 7 inches.

With this boot its quite easy to climb up a hill type place. As we have previously mentioned this boot is made of leather and its indeed of fine quality.

At first the boot may occur kind of stiff but as time pass by it will eventually be soft and comfy.

If you are a person who wears a thicker socks you can try the size which is slightly bigger than you can have some extra room for your socks.

People don’t have only snake problem. They have worms rats problem as well. So if you’re from that part where you’re constantly dealing with worms, rats this boot can surely be much help of yours.

Lacrosse snake boots are great boots if you are going to a call. It’s useful and make your experience in the jungle hassle free.

This is a great fit if you’re walking in the tall grass. Whether it’s tall grass or deserted area, these boots are life saver.

The design is fabulous and the leather gives it a sparky look as well. It will definitely add a new spark when you’re wearing it.

Snake Boot

LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18″ Hunting Boot Review

LaCrosse Hunting Boot

The LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18″ Hunting Boot is a very well design and good quality boot which is made from both rubber and leather. They are perfect for trekking over wet terrain whilst hunting or fishing as they are water proof. LaCrosse Hunting Boot has images of leaves, grass and bark which makes it camouflage very effectively.

This boot has been designed with the hunter in mind and is perfect for anyone who is shooting wild fowl or other game as it allows the wearer to walk through boggy wetlands or streams.

The designers have used the best in Innovated Alpha technology to create a boot that is adjustable and versatile; providing optimal traction in all hunting conditions.

Creates the perfect fit

The designers of these boots have concentrated on creating a personalized fit that guarantees the wearer comfort and support. There’s an adjustable gusset at the back which allows for customization, making these boot accommodate varying calf sizes.

The boots also have great ankle support; using new technology the designers have made the boots grip the foot and lock the heal in place. These features mean that the boots can comfortably be worn all day whilst undertaking a long hunting trip.

The boots are made with a more natural rubber compound which makes them extremely flexible and easy to put on and take off.

Made from breathable materials

The lining of the boot has been made from a neoprene fabric to allow for greater circulation; this helps to keep the wears feet cool during the summer months.

The lining also acts as an insulating material to help keep the feet and legs warm during the winter.

These boots can be used in temperatures between 60 to -20.

The materials used also makes these boots very light weight which allows the wearer to walk for as long as is needed.

Shock absorbing sole

The team at Lacrosse has created a multi layer sole. With a thick cushioning EVA mid-sole these boots provide the wearer with extra comfort and shock absorption. This allows the user to walk, run or jog with ease whilst wearing these boots.

You can check out some more snake boots reviews.

The main benefit of buying these boots is that they are extremely versatile and can be worn what ever the weather conditions. Lacrosse has done a lot of research into ergonomics and has successfully created a boot which can be adjusted to fit different shapes and sizes of feet and calves. New technology has been used to make these boots hard wearing and long lasting. This is a new and improved pair of boots; the LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18″ Hunting Boot is an updated version of previous boots that the company used to sell. These boots are more light weight and have a new and improved lining which makes them perfect for any weather conditions.


LaCrosse Hunting Boot will keep your feet warm all day in snow as long as you are moving around, however if you are wearing this boot and stay in a position for long periods of time you may start to get cold feet. However wearing a thick pair of socks will help with this problem.

These boots seem to be larger then their size suggests. Many consumers have bought their regular size and have reported that they were to big. This can be rectified if you buy a half size smaller then you would usually wear or wearing a thick pair of socks with them.

LaCrosse Hunting Boot


Chippewa Men’s 23922 17″ Pull-On Snake Boot Review

Chippewa Snake Boot

There is no worthy thing than protecting your feet from the dangers it can be exposed to when walking including having a healthy foot.

Chippewa Snake Boot provides a solution to the long lasted problem where enough of the boots provided protection for the case in the needed time. The Chippewa men’s 23922 snake boot is big enough to protect your feet from thorns, rocks and other sharp objects in the field.

It is the best boot for going camping, as it is an overall cold weather and waterproof boot.

Whom is this product designed for?

The Chippewa men’s 23922 snake boot is a perfect target for men especially cowboys who do horse riding.

It is also suited to men and women most especially if they participate in heavy outdoor activities that require having appropriate foot wear. The height is targeted for tall persons as it has up to size 17”.

Feature – 1

Supple Leather Vamp with Vipercloth Shaft. The make of The Chippewa men’s 23922 snake boot is leather making it easy to maintain the same of the 1900s.

The class and quality is undoubtedly the best winning the prestigious award in the shoe’s and textile industry at large. The viper cloth provide the soft nature of the material touch made with the warm garments for all weather

Feature – 2

Easy to put on with back zipper. This is an important feature showing the fabulous make of these Chippewa men’s 23922 snake boot.

It is easy to wear it on without straining your feet. Usually the easy on boot are comfortable to wear and durable limiting the wear and tear of putting it on.

It is not comfortable without the zipper which enables you to open the boot up when removing it or intending to clean. The zip helps in airing it out while drying to enable drying completely.

Feature – 3

Velcro flap covers zipper: the flap covers the zip to make it look good without much exposure of the zip that runs from top to bottom. This helps in maintaining its unique beauty and make it complete.

Also check out some of the best snake boots available out there.


The Chippewa men’s 23922 snake boot provides maximum security and protection to the wearer as it is used in various outdoor activities like horse riding, camping in all weather locations and other hard tasks out that not only provide warmth but water proof.

As the name suggests about being a snake boot. Yes, you can go hunting in the wildest places without the fear of snake bite or other creature that may be dangerous to your foot.

This type of the boot is durable and can be passed from one generation to another. Usually you will consider a boot the will give you service more than any other and this does well with this type of boot.Easy cleaning. The provision of a zip makes it easy to open and clean and also helps in airing and drying. Being of a leather make it is also quick to clean/wipe.

The con’s of the Chippewa men’s 23922 snake boot is that it could require you to adapt to its weight, as it is heavier than normal shoes. It also may take long to dry if washed Therefore, would require you to have a substitute boot to serve you better. The cost of purchasing it is higher compared to the other types of boots and shoes.

The Chippewa snake boot is one of the long lasting fashions across the globe and they have maintained class of its own. Rarely can you find it in the market because it demand cannot be satisfied.

Chippewa Snake Boot

Rocky Men’s Lynx Snake Hunting Boot Review

Rocky Snake Boot

If you are looking for a great pair of boots that are going to keep your feet dry and protected, even from getting bitten by snakes out in the wild, then this article will be a real benefit to you about introducing the amazing Rocky Snake Boot.

There are so many different kinds of boots out there on the market for sale today, but you cannot go purchase just any pair of boots. You need to get boots that will really protect your feet and do so well.

This review will show the benefits of having your very own Rocky Snake Boot.

Whom Is This Product Designed For?

This product is designed for anyone who likes to be out in areas that are wet, wild, rocky, etc. where they need their feet protected against wetness, sharp rocks, and even the possibility of snake bites.

These boots are great to wear during hunting, fishing, boating, hiking and trapping.

Important Feature One

The Rocky Snake Boot provides you with the ability for your feet to stay dry at all times. It will most assuredly keep any water from being able to penetrate the boot in order to keep your feet dry, which is what you want when you are out and about for long periods of time.

Your feet will not get soaked at all and you will be able to focus on what you are doing and not on cold, wet feet that you could get if you were using other boots.

Important Feature Two

The Rocky Snake Boot has been maximized for your utter safety regarding your feet when you are in dangerous and rocky places.

It is designed with the intent of protecting you from snakes and other things. The upper nylon is tough and rugged, but yet it is lightweight for your comfort.

The rubber toes and soles are going to protect your feet all the way to keep you worry free.

Important Feature Three

The Rocky Snake Boot is designed with your comfort in mind as you will have the boots on your feet for long periods of time.

They are lightweight and allow you to move with ease and quickly, so that you are in no wise slowed down.

The flexing sole accommodates the comfort of your foot, since boots should be comfortable.

You can also take a quick peek in our best snake boots section.


These books are great for all terrain areas and offer good traction to keep you up on your feet instead of falling down in rutty areas.

They are leak proof in order to keep your feet dry at all times.

They are done in camouflage to help you to blend into the surroundings of nature.


Some claim that you need to break them in first before using them for a long intended trek.

Some claim that they had to order a wide width for their size to be more comfortable, though in regular shoes they do not take a wide width.

Some claimed that they had to skip the first set of speed laces and start with the crisscross to avoid the ankle pressure.

Rocky Snake Boot